Most Common Kinds of Vehicle Accidents

There are many ways in which a vehicle collision can happen, and being aware of which kind of accident occurred could be impactful in the way the insurance claim is handled. Though many kinds of motor vehicle accidents can cause serious damage, claims adjusters for the insurance company will be aware of a few kinds that occur most frequently.

One-car accidents

Collisions concerning just one car are fairly common. They usually happen when a car swerves or hits a stationary object; for example, a wall, tree, or pole. Some situations could even involve an innocent third party. One-car accidents may cause injuries and considerable vehicle destruction.

Head-on collisions

These accidents can be deadly, depending on many factors including the speed the drivers. Head-on vehicle accidents take place when the furthermost front parts of two vehicles crash together.

Side-impact collisions

Crashes that occur from the side of the car can be cause for serious injury to the vehicle and its occupants. This type of accident is also known as broadside or T-bone accidents and can take place when a car or a stationary object such as a car door or heavy machinery hit the side of another car. Major damage to the car often occurs in side-impact accidents, and occupants on the side of the crash usually end up with more severe injuries than other kinds of collisions.

Rear-end impacts

These collisions typically take place when a vehicle has to stop abruptly. Other instances that may result in a rear-end impact include if a driver is not allowing enough room between their car and the vehicle in front of them, or if a driver speeds up too fast and goes faster than the vehicle in front of them. The vehicle that rear-ended the car in front of them typically assumes fault.

Rollover accidents

One of the most hazardous and terrifying types of accidents is a rollover car accident, which can take place when a car overturns onto the roof or side. A rollover accident is commonly caused by sudden turns at fast speeds and can cause major injuries such as brain trauma or spinal cord harm. While any car could roll over, lighter vehicles with a high gravity center (for example, an SUV) may be more susceptible to a collision of this kind.

Sideswipe collisions

This kind of accident takes place when two vehicles driving beside one another physically come into contact with one another. Usually, the vehicles are damaged minimally because the impact was only a swipe. Neither vehicle usually incurs damage unless a driver fails to maintain control of the car after the sideswipe.

Multiple vehicle impacts

These accidents are also known as pile-ups and typically take place on congested freeways and highways. A multiple vehicle impacts can be extremely hazardous as many cars are thrust together. It can be hard to get out of the way and cars can be hit several times. Fault can be problematic to establish in these accidents.

Author: Brandon Park