Most dangerous interstates in Texas

The Danger is in the Numbers 

The most traveled roads are sometimes the most dangerous roads showing high incidents of car and truck accidents. Every state can claim some pretty harrowing roadways. The focus is now on the most dangerous interstates in the State of Texas. 

While some may say Interstate 45 in Texas is the most dangerous road, others feel differently. However, Interstate 45 gets the majority of the vote on the most dangerous. 

What Makes Interstate 45 the Most Dangerous Road in Texas?

This roadway has earned the reputation of being an “Inebriated Route to Devastation.” This road has another famous name made, “Death Highway.” This much-traveled roadway is only 285 miles from beginning to end, from north to south. The danger is in the fact that there is such low lighting. This stretch of road claimed too many lives in too short of time. 

The Department of Transportation monitored the number of crashes on this road in the last 14 years up to 2020 and recorded well over 250 accidents. They also recorded a staggering 300 plus deaths. This report and study put Interstate 45 as the most deadly road traveled. 

Truckers, some of the safest drivers, use this route to and from West Texas oilfields and truckers driving from the oilfields in New Mexico use this roadway. However, some of these truckers tend to hurry to fast; thus, there are more recorded accidents. 

“Death Highway”

The US-285 stretch of road sits on the list of one of the most dangerously traveled highways in Texas. This roadway is a popular route for the 18 wheelers. Heavy trucks frequent this route through Texas. Travelers witness semis and big trucks rushing to their destinations to deliver their loads on time. 

Interstate 285, recorded with the most fatalities are in large part related to driving while intoxicated. These DWI drivers are primarily seen in and around metropolitan Houston. Dallas and Bexar Counties also have high fatalities due to DWI. 

Interstate 4

Interstate 4 sits at the top of the list of Texas’ dangerous roads. This road is only a mere 132-miles long, and the Department of Transportation claims there to be at least one death per mile over the last six years, from the years 2016-2020.

Other reasons contribute to these roads being so dangerous such as areas of the road that are under construction, causing mounting traffic congestion. Reports are that there are just too many vehicles that travel this stretch of roadway. There are bound to be a higher number of crashes. 

Putting all of these dangerous roads together, the Department of Transportation reported a staggering amount of well over 67,000 traffic deaths on these roads, some of Texas’s most dangerous, from 2000 to 2020. Houston carries the most reported accidents in Texas. Out of these 67,000 injuries and death, over 200 people claimed incapacitating damages. 

Drivers on These Roadways Become Victims and Need an Advocate 

Truckers are essential professionals. These truckers carrying goods, supplies, and products are what keeps America going. These professionals are skilled at driving, and following traffic laws protecting the truckers’ livelihood. Most truckers do not waiver from these traffic laws. The perfect scenario is to see excellent drivers using these roads and always obeying traffic laws. 

Unfortunately, there will always be a few truckers going too fast and driving too many hours on the road without rest. Some truckers run late on their schedule to deliver goods on time and save hard-earned money. These bad habits cause accidents, bringing severe injury and death to others on the road.

Victims of negligent truckers and private citizens causing accidents require help gaining compensation for their injuries, pain, suffering, and the accident’s mounting costs. If you were one of the perfect truckers or private citizens on the road and injured by a negligent driver, you need help gaining a fair settlement for costs due to others’ negligent actions. 

Accident victims can call one of the most experienced and licensed attorneys in  West Texas. This firm’s expertise is claiming fair and just settlements in commercial trucking accidents. A call to this law firm means you are entitled to a free, no-obligation consultation for compensation on the mounting costs to you because of another’s negligent actions on the road. 

It makes no difference if you were in Houston 18-wheeler accidents or were in a car and hit by a negligent semi driver or another car; as a victim, you have rights, and this attorney protects those rights. Car to car accidents can be deadly and these dangerous roads But, when you are in a smaller truck or car weighing 5,000 pounds, and an 18,000-pound semi hits your vehicle, the results are unimaginable. 

If you or a loved one were the victims of a trucking accident, call this West Texas truck accident lawyer as soon as possible so we can fight for your rights and get you a fair and just settlement. We calculate all of your costs incurred because of someone’s negligent actions.

Costs such as hospital bills, lost wages, property loss, mounting medical bills, therapy, medication, travel expenses, doctor bills, and a host of other costs are all figured into your settlement. If you are a private citizen or trucker and are hit by a negligent driver chances are you do not have the money to pay for these unexpected expenses, nor should you have to. We will work hard for you or a loved one as soon as you give us a call. Your call means that we work on your behalf and become your advocate for a fair settlement. 

We built up our esteemed law firm here in West Texas; we are local with extensive knowledge and experience concerning the federal and state laws surrounding truck and car crashes on these most dangerous Texas roads. 

Author: Brandon Park