Moving to Another State? Know Your Car Shipping Options

Moving process is exclusive for everyone. Some might find it easy to manage while others may struggle to maintain their cool. Moving to a new state or country becomes more cumbersome when there is a car involved. 

Moving and shipping a car to a distant address is never easy, until or unless you have the best professionals working with you. There are many things to know about auto transport, especially the type of services you must avail and why. 

Trusted auto transport companies in the USA associated with Moving Feedback offer a variety of auto transport services to offer suitability to a range of customers. Moving Feedback is a platform that offers information and advice to moving individuals to record great moving experiences. The experts claim that while many people try DY auto car shipping or prefer driving it to the new address, it is not the best way to move a vehicle. In fact, the cost of DIY auto transport/ self-drive and the risks that a car is damaged during it, are way higher than when a professional auto transport company is involved. 

Irrespective of the location of your new home, you can avail a range of different solutions to transport your vehicle from one place to another. 

The best auto transport companies offer three key types of services, including:

  • Truck Transport for cars

Probably the most secure way to transport a vehicle, truck transport for cars is the most commonly availed auto transport service. People choose truck transport while moving across the states or cross country. One reason for the popularity of truck transport for cars is its cost-effectiveness. This method costs you way less than rail freight and air transport. However, the cost of this type of transport may vary from one company to another. 

The delivery options too vary in this service category. You can choose to avail door to door delivery, terminal to terminal delivery or more. Door to door delivery is very convenient but yes a little more costly than terminal to terminal as the vehicle is delivered directly on your doorstep. In case of terminal to terminal the auto transport company will deliver the vehicle at the nearest terminal near your home.

  • Hauling Vehicles as Rail Freight

As the name suggests, Rail freight hauling service is when the vehicle is loaded on a train and transported as a rail cargo. The process is more expensive than truck transport because of the added safety and less time consumption. Sadly, finding this option is very tough as not many auto transport companies offer this option. Moreover, even if you find a reliable rail freight service provider, you will have to secure additional insurance for a secure delivery.

  • Air transport for car shipping

If you want your car to be transported in a premium way with utmost safety and little time consumption, you must choose air transport for car shipping. Although the service is the most expensive one, it can be availed for the safety and savings of resources it provides. Here too, the companies offer two types of delivery options- door to door and terminal to terminal. 

Should you move your car or sell it?

Often customers struggle with the debate between moving the vehicle and selling it. While it is great to shed off the excess weight before moving, selling a car and then purchasing a new one might cost you a fortune. 

However, there are many additional issues that people have to entertain before they decide to move or sell their vehicle. Same of the key considerations that help in making the right decision include:

  • Emissions and safety standards at the state you are moving to.
  • Cost of buying a new car vs. cost of moving it
  • Safety of your vehicle during the transit

While the safety can be ensured by hiring the best auto transport company and the cost can be compared and negotiated as well, knowing the emission and safety standards at the new state are of high significance.

So, how can you work on your cars emissions and safety standards? It’s simple, you must contact the state motor vehicle office at the new state and collect information regarding:

  • Mandatory tests you must pass
  • Cost of the testing
  • Testing requirement for used cars if you prefer to buy one
  • Is there any prevailing legislation that can make certain models of cars obsolete?

You must evaluate the above mentioned aspects and decide accordingly.

How to ship your car internationally?

You must prepare yourself for a hefty fee payment if you choose to transport your car internationally. There are also many legal issues that must affect your decision to take an automobile to the foreign land. 

By engaging a reliable auto transport company, you can ensure that you make the right decision regarding your car transportation. The professionals will  guide you about the entire process and offer all types of information you feel is important for you to decide the best way to transport your vehicle.

Author: Doug