Need a Mechanic? Look for a One-Stop-Shop

When you’re looking to get your car fixed, there’s nothing worse than needing to go to more than one mechanic to get it done. How can you get from one body shop to the other when your car is in the first shop?

Convenience isn’t the only reason to find a mechanic that can do it all. Please read on to learn more about why the best body shops tackle everything.

Preventative Maintenance for the Win

Spending a little bit of money now to fix a small problem can stop you from shelling out big bucks later to fix something significant. Industry leaders like AutoOne Service work hard to offer a range of standard mechanic services, such as:

  • Factory scheduled maintenance
  • 10/100/150/200-kilometre services
  • Motor vehicle certified vehicle inspection and repairs
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Oil changes
  • Tune-ups
  • Safety inspections
  • Fluid services
  • Windshield wiper blades
  • And more

When it comes to the basics of preventative maintenance, nothing is too basic. 

Vintage Cars

The ability to fix vintage cars is very revealing in that not everybody can do it. Many old, vintage cars have specialized parts that are hard to source.

It’s easier to fix standardized cars made in large volumes today. If you have a vintage automobile that you need to be repaired, you can’t go to a mechanic that can’t fix it. If you drive a more popular, contemporary car, entrusting it to someone who can make more specialized repairs is a sign of quality.

Hybrid Services

Many people are turning to hybrid vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint and fuel costs. By definition, hybrid vehicles have different components than a car that runs on ordinary fuel.

Look for a mechanic that offers factory scheduled maintenance, state of health battery testing and conditioning, high voltage battery testing and conditioning, high voltage cable inspection and repair, transmission fluid flush, heating and cooling system repair, and more.

As gasoline prices rise dramatically, hybrids could become even more popular. No matter what kind of car you drive, it’s a good sign to get it fixed by people who repair hybrids.

Friendly Service

Finally, auto repair is a mystery for many people, so they get anxious when taking in their vehicle because they fear this murky process will result in an expensive bill. It’s one thing to pay a fair rate for repairs, but fairness is hard to gauge when you don’t understand the nature of what’s broken.

Look for a friendly mechanic that offers a square deal. If you feel intimidated or uncomfortable in the body shop, you should follow your gut and look instead for a professional who doesn’t make you feel this way.

People need their cars to get to their jobs, pick up food, visit friends and relatives, and more. Our cities are designed to cater to cars, so being without yours can be debilitating. Look for a mechanic that can handle it all, and you’ll be better off for all the above reasons. 

Author: Brandon Park