New Croatian Electric Car Will Break Previous Speed Record

Recently announced, the new electric roadster flabbergasted the electric car lovers with its remarkable characteristics: 2,300 ft-lbs of torque, zero to sixty in 1.9. Yet the Croatian car manufacturer Rimac was brave enough to introduce a new prototype in Geneva, which was claimed to be even faster than the current record holder among hypercars.

The electric hypercar Rimac C_Two is rather a pre-series showpiece than a concept since the project is currently running the final adaptation tests. And what is more, the claimed characteristics of the car impress a lot.

As the previous model Concept One, the new Rimac C_Two is driven with four electric engines — one for each wheel. The total energy output estimates to 1914 horsepower and 1696 ft-lbs of torque. The torque is four times less here than in the latest vehicles with three engines. Yet Rimac boasts better acceleration ratio. Thus, the new Rimac C_Two will have zero to sixty in 1.85 and the peak speed of 256 mph as compared to the current record holder’s 1.9 seconds and 248 mph.

But at the same time, the commercial giants offer better energy performance, whereas the Croatian car has only 120 kWh to drive 400 miles on one charge.

The new electric automobile will have a bunch of technologies hidden under the bonnet. Adaptive Cruise Control, aerodynamic balance elements, Lane Keeping Aid are the major add-ons. A driver will also get bonus features such as self-driving and face recognition, allowing to get rid of keys.

Besides, the new Rimac is equipped with seven cooling systems, while at the same time the trip computer allows drivers to download the maps so the car can indicate the turning trajectories.

The project kick-off is scheduled for this year. However, the company is going to release only 150 vehicles. Estimated price is around $1.85 million.

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New Croatian Electric Car Will Break Previous Speed Record