Numerology of A Car: How to Find a Lucky Number Plate

You can often hear stories from car enthusiasts that each car has its unique character. According to neurologists, there are “lucky” and “unlucky” cars, regardless of the price, brand, and age. The car’s license plate numbers are the most important numbers you should pay attention to.

There were cases when good luck at the wheel saved the driver’s life, for example, a car being in the middle of the road, where a serious accident could have occurred in a second, no breakdown happened.

Neurologists associate such events with the numerology of the car. The energy of the machine interacts with the numerology of its owner. This interaction can be harmonious or, on the contrary, be in resonance. Instead of going for cheap private plates, look for the ones that harmonize more with you.

Numerology Of A Car

In addition to the registration number, the car also has a unique marking given at the factory. Car parts also have numbers. Besides, the car also has a number from the supplier who puts it on sale.

There are various ways to calculate the numerological “Power Number” of a car. Depending on the chosen technique, there are also different interpretations of these when you buy number plates.

They can calculate the car’s nature, possible problems with it in the future, compatibility with the owner, and overall energy. By the number of strength and compatibility, you can find out how the transport will behave on the road, how great is its luck, and whether it is worth buying it at all.

How To Calculate Power Number?

The easiest way to calculate the number of a car is to add up all the digits of its number until you get a single digit. If the result is a two-digit number, then evaluate this number in the light of neurology. When the result is 11 or 22, it is believed that the value of one or two digits is enhanced in this version.

When calculating the amount of the car’s strength, neurologists also take into account the letters. Each letter of the alphabet in numerology corresponds to a number that also needs to be summed up.

Numerologists believe that repeating numbers bring disharmony to the owner unless he is somehow connected with this number.

Even Numbered License Plates Are Better

A car dominated by even numbers will be quieter, focused on family, or short trips. Even numbers include 2, 6, 8; they are quite harmonious and lively. The four is an exception; in numerology, it is associated with negativity and even death. The negative energy of this figure is balanced by the seven.

A vehicle will have negative energy if the numbers are odd 1, 3, 7, and 9. The odd numbers focus more on fast driving and long business trips.

Meaning Of Each License Plate Number

Number “1”

 A car with this number is the leader on the road. Such a vehicle accelerates quickly, is reliable, and attracts attention. It is very favorable for business people. The car’s appearance must correspond to the number; if it is unkempt and dirty, then a strong number will attract failures and accidents. 11- Doubles the value of one.

Number “2”

2 is a very promising number. Such a car is reliable and rarely breaks down. These cars rarely get stolen or stopped by traffic cops. The vehicle with the energy of two is a real fortress on wheels. 22 – Enhances the influence of number 2.

Number “3”

3 is a somewhat inconsistent car for those who know the approach to it. On the one hand, the number three brings good luck, especially for those whose profession is related to money. 

On the other hand, it can puncture a tire in the middle of the road and cause minor troubles if you are not attentive to it. It is a car with a character that requires special treatment. The drawing on the body will smooth out the negative aspects.

Number “4”

The car is not designed for fast driving on the road. It never drives on a track, which is why it often gets into accidents. Fortunately, the accidents are not of a serious nature. Usually have problems with appearance: broken headlight, and dirt. The car is not for business people, but great for creative people. It rarely breaks down seriously.

Number “5”

5 is a dynamic number that loves to travel. The five promotes unreasonable rearrangements, resourcefulness on the road, but gets along well with other road users and rarely gets into accidents. From the five, you can expect surprises in the form of a howling alarm at night or scratches that come from nowhere.

Number “6”

6 is a harmonious number rarely stopped by traffic cops. The car rarely breaks down, is reliable, but requires care. A combination of six with other even numbers is the best option for the most expensive cars. As it will serve for a long time and will not fail.

Number “7”

Seven numbered car is the one that does not attract attention in the stream. It rarely breaks, but the body is very susceptible to corrosion. It will not work well as a taxi, since no one will try to get into this car because of its inconspicuousness.

Number “8”

8 is a reliable car for quiet riders. Not able to show character, but rarely breaks. The cars with this number plate are efficient and a good choice for commuting.

Number “9”

9 is an impulsive machine that loves to “drive.” It does not tolerate objections and does not let other traffic participants cross them. Very often attracts traffic cops, except unique numbers. For some reason, the driver often forgets his documents at home. It is a car for influential people.

Final Thoughts

Even the most successful numbers do not mean that you can neglect the road rules or care for your car. However, numerology will help you better understand your iron horse and live in harmony with it.

Author: Brandon Park