Off-Road Trucks: A Quick Guide to Diagnosing Common Engine Noises

You put your key in the ignition of your off-road truck and hear an unusual sound coming from the engine. Do not panic, though, because the causes of strange engine noises are easily fixable if they are caught early. Here are some of the most common engine noises and their causes. 

Causes of Engine Noises

  • Banging When Driving on a Rough Surface or Turning: This is a clue that your shocks need to be replaced. Over time, the shocks experience normal wear and tear, which makes the coil springs repeatedly hit the chassis. For another clue that the issue is your shocks, look for asymmetrical wear on your truck wheels. The popular and extremely durable Bilstein Shocks are a great replacement option for your off-road vehicle. 
  • Clicking During a Slow Turn: This noise signals that you have worn-out CV joints. If you own a rear-drive vehicle and hear the clicking noise in the back, your vehicle’s universal joint likely needs to be replaced.
  • Hissing: This points to two possible issues. One problem could be that your vacuum line is punctured, which can negatively impact your gas mileage. A second problem could be that your cooling system has a hole, and this can result in overheating if it is not taken care of. 
  • Squealing: An engine that sounds like it is screaming is frequently linked to the serpentine belt. The belt’s tensioner might be strained due to a lack of pressure, resulting in a belt that slides and does not work properly. On the other hand, the belt could just be needing a regular replacement. Either way, you should get the belt fixed soon because if you do not, the belt will eventually break. 

Get your engine checked today before the issue escalates. Contact a certified technician to learn about which truck parts online you need to get your vehicle running smoothly again.

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Off-Road Trucks: A Quick Guide to Diagnosing Common Engine Noises