Top Performance Mods for KTM 1290 Super Duke R

The KTM 1290 Super Duke R is one of the fastest and most powerful machines on the road today. There’s no question that its design makes it a beast that tears up the pavement and is considered by many to be the perfect racing bike available.

While the stock setup makes the Super Duke a powerhouse, adding aftermarket parts like the Mikuni carburetor will provide that additional boost you’ve been looking for. Here are a few upgrades that make it a true force to be reconned with.


When it comes to any engine, the less it has to push, the more horsepower it can offer. With the Super Duke, an excellent way to shave off some pounds is by swapping out the exhaust system.

Designed to fit over its OEM motorcycle fairings, these upgrades won’t have you drastically altering the look of your ride. On the upside, you can drastically drop the overall weight while perfected exhaust pipes add a fair amount of horsepower.

Flash Forward

Every bike today uses computerized systems to regulate critical major functions and micro-adjustments on the fly. While the stock ECU setup is great, modifying the programming will offer you much more control over the Super Duke’s inner workings. Keep in mind that it’s a tricky endeavor, so you should do your research before starting down this road.

Not Just for Looks

Another great opportunity for performance enhancement is swapping out the rims. While this may seem like a cosmetic option, there’s more to be gained than style.

Carbon fiber options will reduce overall weight, as well as help, reduce stopping distances. New rims can greatly improve acceleration and while not generally cheap motorcycle parts, they’ll give you excellent responsiveness and acceleration, too.

Your Super Duke is already a monster and can dominate even more with some simple adjustments. Keep an eye out for great deals online so at the next race, you and your ride can take home the gold!


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Top Performance Mods for KTM 1290 Super Duke R