Phone Charging Stations at Music Festivals

The Woodstock trend has re-emerged, and the millennial generation is following in their parents’ (or dare we say grandparents’?) footsteps by attending music festivals all over the world. And while these festivals are a lot of fun, one inconvenience most attendees will experience is having their cell phones die. That’s why a phone charging station is a must at these events. 

No one wants to be without a cellphone. They are necessary for keeping us on top of important matters and they can come in handy in an emergency. At a festival, a cellphone can also help users capture precious moments and share them to further promote the event. 

A phone charging station is a convenient way to keep phones charged and keep guests happy. Here are some other reasons they are essential in providing the best possible festival experience. 

They are Great for Advertising: Phone charging stations are often fully customizable. Therefore, they are a great place to advertise a business. Festival planners can use them to advertise their own business or they can charge other businesses to display their logos to generate income. 

They Can Boost a Vendor’s Business: A festival just wouldn’t be a festival without vendors out selling their wares. If you are vending at a festival, having a phone charging station set up near your booth can be a great way to generate foot traffic. Attendees will flock to your booth to get their phones charged and they just might end up making a purchase. 

Increases Guest Retention and Attendee Satisfaction: Statistics show that a cell phone charging station can boost attendee satisfaction at events by more than 12% and increase guest retention at festivals by 20%.

They Eliminate Competition for an Outlet: If you are at an event, an outlet is a precious commodity. With a phone charging station, you don’t have to worry about competing with others to find an outlet. There are plenty of chargers available. 

Offers Safety for Your Phone: Many festivals have phone charging lockers where guests can safely store their phones while they are being charged. This means they can roam around the festival grounds while their phone charges without having to worry about it being stolen. Because these lockers can be rented out, it’s also a great way for festival hosts to generate income. 

Solar Powered Stations are Available: Since festivals are outdoors, an electric source may be a cause for concern. However, solar powered stations are available that eliminate the need for electricity, and they are also an eco-friendly option. Many of these solar powered stations are suitable for a variety of devices and they even offer features like battery backup and 32” HD displays.

Providing phone charging stations at your event is a great way to increase spending on the festival grounds and keep your attendees happy. It is also a terrific advertising tool. Be sure to have plenty installed in high traffic areas to ensure your festival is one guests will be talking about for weeks to come.

Author: Brandon Park