Popular Semi Truck Accessories for Winter

As the winter months draw near, you may be thinking about how to get your semi truck ready for long nights and cold weather. The good news is that with a few helpful accessories, you can stay safe, warm and comfortable all through the winter. These are some of the most popular truck accessories for the cold season.

Warm Seat Covers

Keeping warm is important during the winter. Your truck cab’s heater may be less than comfortable, especially on full blast. Heaters can make the air dry and produce an unnatural-feeling, artificial heat.

One great way to stay warm without overly relying on your heater is a warm seat cover. Check out ones that will fit your truck. Peterbilt, Freightliner and Kenworth seat covers are all a little different from each other. Nonetheless, finding the right one can make your truck seats cozy and warm for your winter routes.

Good Marker Lights

One of the great challenges of the winter is low visibility. Between dark nights and snowy weather, it is easy for motorists to miss your truck on the road. Bright, LED marker lights for trucks are the best way to ensure you will be completely visible. Marker lights are federally mandated; however, it is worth going above and beyond to ensure maximum visibility.

These lights also help you see the road more easily, especially when making tight maneuvers. You can even have a little fun with seasonal-colored lights on the side of your truck.

Electric Blankets

Nights can get cold in your cab. You may not want to run your heating system the whole night. Using auxiliary power to use an electric blanket is a great way to stay warm during the nighttime. It also helps make the air around you cool while keeping your bed warm. This is a setup that leads to optimal rest.

Plus, you can always use your electric blanket when you are driving or just hanging out in your cab. It is a great accessory for the winter months.

New Headlights

Marker lights are important for others seeing you. Headlights help you better see the road. They are equally important in the winter. Check your headlights regularly and make sure they are clean. If they seem to be dimming, replace them with new parts. There are few things more dangerous than driving in the snow without proper lighting.

Make sure to order the right lights for your truck. Every model of cab is a little different. For example, Peterbilt 379 headlights are different from 389 headlights. Fortunately, most light product descriptions include a list of the models of semi truck they fit.

Get Started

Get your semi truck ready for the winter with the above accessories. The key to maximizing safety and comfort is to have good lights and a warm cab. If you accomplish these two goals, you can be confident that you will have a safe and successful winter this year. Get started upgrading your truck today. When the first snowstorm hits, you’ll be glad you ordered your accessories ahead of time.

Author: Brandon Park