Project Maybach electric two-seater takes excess off-road

Mercedes-Benz unveiled Wednesday the electric Maybach coupe concept by Virgil Abloh, the former Louis Vuitton designer.

Project Maybach is a massive coupe that measures nearly 19 feet and can only hold two. The automaker stated in a press release that it was an effort of Abloh and Gordon Wagener (Mercedes design boss), who both died this week at the age of 41.

It combines the classic two-door coupe with offroad elements such as raised ride heights, flares to protect off-road wheels, roof rack, and front skid plate. The long hood makes it possible to mount solar panels, instead of an engine. A subtle version of Maybach’s classic two-tone paint scheme is used on the concept, which consists of black and tan.

Mercedes-Benz Project Maybach concept

Mercedes-Benz Project Maybach concept

Abloh has designed the second Mercedes-Benz concept. Abloh previously collaborated with Mercedes on the G-Class racing vehicle, which featured flared fenders and side exhaust. It also had a NASCAR-inspired window net.

Mercedes has not discussed technical specifications such as battery size and horsepower for Project Maybach, although we already know that EVs are in the sub-brand’s future.

The Concept Mercedes-Maybach-Maybach SUV EQS previews the upcoming Maybach electric SUV. As the name suggests, the production model will be based on the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV that’s scheduled to start production in 2022, and is itself a derivative of the EQS sedan. This is in line with the Maybach strategy, which labels vehicles as variations of Mercedes models rather than standalone models as was the case in Maybach’s recent revival.

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Author: Brandon Park