Protect your car’s paintwork with that showroom shine – all year round!

If you are one of the passionate vehicle owners that want the best for your car, you will be well familiar with the challenges of maintaining that showroom shine when it comes to the paintwork. Putting your car through its paces means that your vehicle exterior will be exposed to all sorts of environmental challenges which over time erode and deteriorate your paint finish. You don’t have to have a brand new car to enjoy the benefits of paint enhancing protection either.

Contaminants such as:

  • Bird droppings & tree sap
  • Brake dust
  • Scratches
  • UV exposure ie paint fading
  • Road grime and rain
  • Bug guts
  • Fingerprints

Can all contribute to car paint damage and necessitate prompt cleaning and car paint protection measures to prolong the longevity of your finish.

Maintaining the finish of your luxury car is a duty in itself and requires the expense and time of a detail regime which provides the best results only with a professional mindset, motivation and touch. Fine detailing products abound in the marketplace with both owners and professionals having their personal preferences, but let’s take a look at how the main types of car paint protection, wax, sealants, a related product and ceramic paint protection stack up.

Car wax + elbow grease can work up a shine!

Car waxes are as old as the automobile and when these both natural and synthetic waxes are applied to your paintwork and buffed up well, you will benefit from a physical barrier and winning shine. Carnauba wax derived from a Brazillian tree is an abundant ingredient but the short lifespan of this and other wax finishes demands constant reapplication to maintain its glossy, waterproof shine. Wax aficionados praise wax’s distinctive and opulent shine as well as its ability to fill in superficial defects and scratches and form a hard protective layer over time. Wax’s finish is also very waterproof meaning that rain or splashes run off the car quickly. However, as a layer which accumulates over time, wax can be scratched and dulled just like paint. Waxes primary function is not as a car paint protection and will need to be removed if you decide to use alternative coatings or paint protection treatments. Getting wax on your car is easy, but removing it can be at best a gamble, as the degreasing agents needed can dry out and alter your paint. 

Sealants secure your car’s finish…for now

Some see car paint sealants as a step up in price and technology from the traditional waxes, but in reality they are different products and function differently when applied to your car, High end vehicle owners use sealants for car paint protection as this diverse range of products seal in the paint of your car providing much needed resilience against the day to day grime and debris that hit your car on the move. Sealants are polymer based, synthetic products which adhere to your paintwork to form a barrier which preserves the underlying paint. With a sealant it is more difficult for unwanted materials and agents to become ingrained or embedded in the paintwork of your car. Sealants also make cleaning your car easier as the barrier prevents any real adherence of dirt. However, the car paint protection of sealants is still limited by longevity meaning you and your car detailer need to come up with all sorts of acrobatic regimens to maintain the coverage of your car’s paintwork. 

The ceramic coating – as close to permanent coverage and protection as your vehicle is going to get

If the continual need for timely reapplication of car care products is a deal breaker, ceramic paint protection may well be the ideal coating for your pride and joy. Ceramic coatings are an advance car paint protection solution that exceed sealants in creating an incredibly durable coating that protects your vehicle for prolonged periods (years rather than weeks and months with wax and sealants respectively) without need for regular reapplications of product with some ‘pro’ formulations boasting a longevity of finish of up to years instead of just months. The ceramic coating consists of ceramic nanoparticles which adsorb to the paint layer for a durable and resilient finish with vivid high shine and gloss. Ceramic paint protection lasts longest when expertly applied by professional car detailers who can get the very best out of the product, but there are also cheaper consumer products which offer easy application but a far less durable finish.

Want to find out more about how a ceramic coating can work for your car?

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Author: Brandon Park