Ride in Style: 5 of the Best Compact Cars 2020 Has to Offer


2020 has been an excellent year for the compact car market. Models have begun to arrive that look stylish, with great inbuilt technology features and economical consumption. If you are looking to buy a new car, this is the year to do it.

The choice is quite overwhelming, however, and to help we have selected our top five of the best compact cars 2020. Read on to see our selection. 

Best Compact Cars 2020 Choice

The 2020 Honda Civic is topping many lists in 2020, mainly down to its sheer versatility. The choice of sedan, coupe, or hatchback means they can be purchased for all needs. On top of this, they can also come in two performance models known as the Civic Si and Type R.

If this was not enough choice, engine sizes come in a 2.0L 158hp model or a 1.5L 174hp model. All this is on top of a range of features delivered at a fantastic specification.

These features include a sunroof, split rear seat, Honda lane watch blind spot facility, a seven-inch touchscreen display, and integration for Android and Apple products. The whole machine is economical on fuel and the hatchback has an extremely smart styling for the 2020 model. 

Criticism with the model is that the touchscreen interface can be a little awkward to use. It has been described as unresponsive in some occasions. 

Kia Forte

Kia has been working hard year upon year to redesign and upgrade its compact vehicles. In 2019 a redesigned Forte emerged and was an immediate player in the new compact cars market. It has a very affordable price combined with all the modern features you would expect, in a sporty, elegant design. 

All Fortes come with a 2.0L four-cylinder engine and variable automatic transmission. Fuel consumption is extremely economical at around 40 miles per gallon. 

The Forte has four different trim packages, and even the basic is packed with features. It has one of the best information and entertainment centers in the compact market, with an easy to use eight-inch touchscreen display. Apple and Android integration comes as standard.

Safety features include lane-keeping assistance and departure warnings with a rearview camera. The EX trim upgrade can also supply 17-inch alloy wheels, dual temperature control, heated front seats, and leather upholstery. All of this will save you money when conducting an auto insurance comparison

The criticism leveled at the Kia is that it can be a harsh ride and suspension is a little unforgiving.  

Nissan Sentra

The 2020 Sentra has had a complete overhaul, including a new look, engine, and interior. Though some people believe the engine lacks power and response, others are praising its economical design and ability to maximize cabin space.

The inside is compact but it does have a large amount of trunk space and rear passenger legroom. The engine is a 1.8L four-cylinder and automatic transmission. Consumption is 37 miles per gallon, making it very economical. 

Features on the standard model include 16-inch steel wheels with covers, a four-way audio system, and power heated external mirrors. It has a range of safety features as standard. The driver’s seat is also adjustable in six ways, maximizing comfort on long journeys. 

Criticism of the Sentra is that the rear headroom can be extremely cramped, so it is not ideal if you are planning on transporting tall passengers. The entertainment system can also lag. 

Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra is one of the most economical 2020 new compact cars. Its automatic transmission with its Eco Trim engine can push out around 35 miles per gallon. 2021 will see a brand new generation of the Elantra with upgraded features.

The 2020 model does have a little less power than some other cars on the list with its 1.4L four-cylinder engine. However, when combined with the spacious interior (35.7 inches of rear-seat room and 14.4 feet cubic space in the trunk) it begins to become a very attractive family car. 

The base model comes with blue tooth connectivity, 15-inch steel wheels, split-back rear seats, and air conditioning. Prices are extremely competitive with a new model coming in at just under the $20,000 mark. 

Criticism of the Elantra is that like many Hyundai models, inside cabins features can sometimes appear cheaper and less thought out than some of its rivals. It can also be quite an average drive, with agility a little less than its rivals. 

Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is packed full of room in both the trunk and cabin, making it a great option for anyone with a large family or older children. The trunk contains 13 cubic feet of room for luggage, while the rear seats offer up 41.4 inches of leg space. 

The standard model comes with 17-inch alloys, a rear spoiler, heated outside mirror,s and both sport or normal driving modes. It is packed to the brim with a number of safety features.

New for 2020 is the option to have a hybrid model, the first time Toyota has offered this on a Corolla model. Regardless, the standard model has great mileage per gallon combined with a sleek look. Criticism is that it can be considered less agile than rivals in the same class. 

Making a Purchase

Now you have the rundown on the best compact cars 2020, all that is left to do is book a test drive. Locate your nearest dealership and try out a few models to see which will best suit your lifestyle and budget.

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Author: Brandon Park