Rules You Need to Instill in Your Teenage Driver

The thought of your teenager driving as a parent could be the image you see nightly in your dreams. The added independence can allow parents to save time driving daily while simultaneously stressing parents out. The number one thing that parents worry about is the safety of their teen and the safety of the other drivers on the road. Teens tend to get into accidents due to lack of experience in stressful driving situations. The distractions that are available today are unlike any other time. Technology makes it easy to use the phone without touching it which can allow you to be updated on where your teen is without endangering them by calling. The following are rules that you need to teach your teenage driver.

Limit the Number of Passengers Allowed in the Vehicle

Friends are distractions in the car regardless of how old that you are. Teens tend to be louder and mess with things like the radio or try to Snapchat the ride. Limiting the passenger number or eliminating passengers entirely is going to be the best course of action. You teen might have passengers even if you prohibit it but will drive carefully as they are already breaking the rules.

Check Call and Text Logs

The last thing that you want is your teen to be on social media while driving at fast speeds. Checking their data usage can help you figure out when they are using a specific app. Text logs are also important to take a look at as this can indicate whether your teen is texting and driving. Telling your teen to call you when they arrive at school or work can make it quite easy to track when they are on the road.

Teach Them What to do in Case of an Accident

Your teen should understand the importance of what happens after an accident. Getting pictures of the accident scene is important and they should call you immediately. Teach them not to admit fault as there could have been mitigating circumstances like a driver speeding that impacts the fault of the accident. You want to be able to utilize the services of a car accident attorney to receive compensation if an injury occurs. Car accidents are jarring so laminating what should be done after an accident and putting it in the glove compartment is a failsafe.  

Never Drive Impaired

Driving impaired causes people to lose their lives on a daily basis whether they are a driver or are hit by an impaired driver. The harsh truth is that your teen could spend quite a long time in prison if they drive impaired which results in the death of another driver or passengers in their own car. The fact that they could end up with brain damage or dead needs to be focused on. Allow your teen to call you if they have been drinking and talk to them about it the next day. Far too many teens have died due to being scared about what their parents will do if they find out they are drinking underage.

Take the time to teach your teen how to drive safely as this should be the most important aspect of driving. The right rules can help encourage safe operation of a vehicle and reduce the chances of an accident.

Author: Brandon Park