Some Major Car Technologies that have Evolved from Car Racing

Did you know that there are everyday car racing technologies that have emerged from racing cars? Whether we talk about rally racing or F1 car racing it is definitely one of the sports that exhilarates the adrenaline and is super exciting to watch. You should watch the show Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix to understand the sport more.

Many a time speed or race car lovers try the racing car stunts in their day to day life too. However, not many people know that a lot of major car technologies have been derived from racing cars. Yes, you heard that right.
Racing cars have definitely changed the way people use to think about cars and the technology used in racing cars have certainly paved its way into the conventional racing cars.

Though racing cars do not come with an in-built air conditioning system the technology has definitely transformed. You can check for a micro air conditioner that is specifically designed to cool down limited space like that of racing cars.
In this blog, we are going to discuss the car technologies that we use in our conventional cars which have evolved from racing cars.

Engine Air Intake

When it comes to running the cars whether we talk about racing cars or normal road cars the amount of air the engine is taking in does plays a key role. For superb functioning of the engine in cars, a proper amount of air must be pumped into the car engine.

If not done, the engines will not be able to generate specific power required to start the engine.
In the case of racing cars, most of the cars use Turbochargers that are designed to forcefully induce air in the engine which ultimately increase the efficiency of the engine. These days you can find Turbochargers in road cars as well. Another fascinating feature adopted from the racing cars is the use of hood scoops. It results in a better flow of the air into the engine which cools down the system and allows better performance of the car engine.


You can find automatic transmission in your conventional road cars. The auto-gearbox definitely makes driving easy and convenient for all of us. But did you know that the gearbox has the features in F1 racing cars too?

However, the main difference is that in the case of the conventional car the automatic gearbox is fully automatic and does not require any prior input from the driver. But in the case of racing cars, the F1 driver does need to learn about the gearbox techniques.
The auto shift gearbox technique has been evolved from racing cars. The automatic gearbox has definitely changed the conventional driving which is easier and more convenient now.


Many people believe that the car suspension in racing cars is way different than the car suspension in conventional road cars, however, this is not true. The car suspension is very similar in road cars which have been adapted from the racing cars. Just like the conventional car racing cars also use an independent suspension which is meant to keep the car stable in both types of cars.

Different types of racing cars use a different type of suspension systems however, these suspension systems are used in the road cars as well. But the main underlying difference is that the race cars suspension system is designed keeping the performance in mind while for road cars it is designed keeping comfort in mind.

Push Engine Start/Stop

Push engine start/stop button has definitely changed the way people drive cars. It is one such way that saves a lot of time for the car drivers. There is nothing more frustrating that you running late and trying to start the engine with keys. Push engine start and stop button has definitely changed the way driving used to be.
Now, all you need to do is push the button and you are good to go, no worries about putting the keys in and then waiting for the car engine to start. These days you can find this amazing feature in many cars and it has certainly been taken from racing cars.


Most of the time drivers do not pay much attention towards the tires until they are completely ruined. You must know that tires do play an important role in determining the functionality of a car. The tires that are being used in the race cars are many times adapted in the production cars which are being used in the road cars. It doesn’t matter what kind of tires you are using in your car.

The only underlying difference is that in case of race cars the tires are made from softer material which is designed to give a better grip on the road while for road cars the tires are primarily designed to give better endurance.

In Conclusion

With the advancement in racing cars through latest technologies being incorporated, we are bound to witness changes in the racing cars in the future. Though racing cars do not come with an in-built air conditioning system Rigid offers an innovative, convenient and portable way of cooling a confined car space. Technologies like these are here to change the future of racing cars.
Moreover, with advancement like these in racing cars, we are surely going to witness more changes and evolution in road cars too in the coming years.

Author: Brandon Park