Specific aspects of car maintenance in the Middle East

It is indeed very preferable to own a car in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Considering the cost of fuel which is relatively lower compared to other places, the traffic however, is another story. Most car owners would focus on what is the current state of the vehicle, but as far as the stream of traffic in the region is concerned, it is a must to maintain the vehicle so it can be its desirable condition at all times. 

Having car maintenance as a preventive measure is essential. This does not only save time among car owners but this step would prevent further damage to the vehicle hence; the cost for repairs will definitely decrease. So, here’s a few car maintenances tips that should be followed at all cost:

  1. One of the basic tasks among car owners is to know the vehicle by heart. This may sound a bit cliché but knowing the vehicle and all its ins and outs would provide a better understanding whether the vehicle is at its best form. It is easier to bring the vehicle to an expert, but a car owner must know how to inspect his vehicle.
  2. The UAE specifically in Dubai is characterized with extreme weather conditions; the winter is mild while the summers are very hot and sunny. With this in consideration, vehicle owner’s drive under the most extreme weather, change the oil more often as it should be as this will provide appropriate protection for the car engine. Do note that during winter, it strains the oil filter due to the thickness of the oil.
  3. Car batteries should be checked on a regular basis to make sure that it is not leaking. Sometimes, there are build ups that is needed to be cleaned. A battery tester may be a good investment thus, an expert mechanic’s assistance would not be deemed as necessary.
  4. Always check when the tires are due to be replaced. It is very important to know when to replace the tires. Ideally, tires can be used up to three to four years. But still, car owners defer the replacement when they see that the tires are still intact. This should never be practiced because although the tires may appear flawless, it is considered unsafe as the tires’ thread will definitely wear out. Aside from replacing the tires when due, it is also important that the tires are rotated and balanced plus the alignment should be examined.
  5. Engine air filters should replace as soon as it reached a certain mileage based on the car’s user manual. However, take note that if the vehicle is being used for long drive, the replacement should be done more often as possible.

When a vehicle is well-maintained, the car owner will definitely feel riding comfort and the car experience the most. Driving a car in Dubai these days is no longer a privilege for some, it has become a necessity for most people as the convenience of owning a vehicle is truly immense.

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Specific aspects of car maintenance in the Middle East