Steps to Take if You Were Involved in an Amazon Truck Accident

For many people, Amazon Prime is a lifesaver. It’s reliable, prompt, and sometimes even ahead of schedule. However, with tight deadlines and growing demand, there are also a lot of traffic accidents that involve Amazon drivers. As with other traffic accidents that involve tractor trailer trucks or delivery truck drivers, injuries can be severe. If you have been injured by an Amazon truck, then you can be entitled to compensation. Truck accidents can be a little more complicated than other personal injury cases, especially if it involves corporate owned vehicles, such as Amazon. The right truck accident lawyer can help you make sure that you get the compensation you need during this time.

Contact Law Enforcement

One of the first things you should do after you are in a safe place is contact law enforcement to come to the scene of the accident. The officers will assess the damage and injuries and create a report. The accident report will be helpful later when you present your case to the insurance company. You will also need first responders to treat any injuries on the scene and transport you and passengers involved to the hospital if injuries are severe. 

Exchange Information

Just like with a typical accident, you need to exchange information with the Amazon delivery driver before you leave the scene. Information you need includes the driver’s name and contact info, the license plate of the delivery truck, and the insurance carrier used by the driver. In addition, you also want to find out if the Amazon driver was on duty when the accident happened. If so, then Amazon can be held responsible for injuries or damage caused by the driver. 

Document the Accident

Once your injuries have been attended to and you are in a safe place then you will need to start collecting evidence that supports your personal injury claim. This can mean taking photos of your injuries or damage to your vehicle. Collect contact information and statements from any witnesses. You should also write down information about the accident, such as time and location, date, and any initial impressions about the accident, such as a failure to yield or speeding. Be sure to document this information when it’s fresh in your mind since it can be much harder to recall details as more time passes. 

Get Ongoing Medical Attention for Injuries after the Accident

If you have severe injuries and need to maximize your financial recovery after an accident with an Amazon driver, you should seek medical treatment. Commercial trucks do have the potential to cause severe injuries and cause injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, cuts, lacerations, and broken bones. When you pursue medical treatment, you will also get documentation for your injuries and this can be helpful when you file your claim. 

Is the Amazon Driver Liable?

Liability for an accident will depend on the different circumstances regarding the accident. Amazon employs independent contractors to deliver packages so Amazon is able to claim they don’t have control over the actions of delivery drivers. They will use this defense to help avoid liability for your injuries. If the Amazon driver caused the accident when off-duty, then Amazon can also refuse to take liability for the accident. Instead, you will likely have to purse compensation from the driver’s personal insurance policy. 

Understanding the Compensation You Could Get

The specific amount and type of compensation you could receive depend on the details of your claim and the accident. In general, victims of an accident involving an Amazon delivery vehicle could be eligible for many different types of compensation, including punitive damages, property damage, pain and suffering, lost earnings, and medical expenses. 

Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney

Hiring a truck accident attorney is going to be helpful if you want to sue to get your compensation. Since an accident with an Amazon delivery driver is complex, working with an attorney can help you get compensation you deserve. If you are still determining if you need a lawyer after your accident, you can ask yourself some questions. How serious are your injuries? Are you comfortable with handling the claim process? Have you already been contacted by an insurance company? Do you feel like you can protect your rights? If your injuries are extensive and require surgery, intensive treatment, an extended hospital stay, or time off of work then hiring a lawyer can be in your best interest. A lawyer will work on your behalf to protect your rights and help you understand the complexities of your specific case. Your attorney will also do an investigation of the case and interview at-fault parties and witnesses, review company logs, and look for other evidence. 

How Long Do You Have to File a Claim?

All claims are going to need to be filed within a specific time period. The claim will be subject to your state’s statute of limitations. For example, if the statute of limitations on truck accidents is two years then you only have two years to pursue the claim or the right to sue is lost. 

Author: Brandon Park