Sustainable Fuels Won’t Solve the Planet’s Climate Issue, Claims Bhanu Choudhri

Major airlines made a pledge to sustain their operations at the COP26 Summit. The pledge is focused specifically on achieving net zero emissions by their aircraft fleets by 2050. Two main options for airlines to achieve this goal are sustainable aviation fuels or electric flights. While both of these solutions could help reduce climate change, they won’t solve the underlying problem.

There are significant advantages for airlines to reduce their carbon footprint. Bhanu Choudhrie the founder of Alpha Aviation GroupShared thoughts by, on sustainable aviation fuels. They won’t solve all climate problems, but they can significantly improve the world’s health.

According to Choudhrie, “Though not a silver bullet, sustainable aviation fuels are key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the aviation industry in the coming years. SAF are already commercially available and have been proven to reduce emissions by up to 80 percent compared to fossil fuels.”

It is an important reduction in carbon emissions that the airline industry has produced, and it could lead to a decrease of the atmosphere’s greenhouse gases. SAF does not solve climate change problems because other industries produce them. It is nevertheless a sign that the aviation sector is determined to do its bit for the protection of the environment, in whatever way it can. It is clear that major airlines are committed to SAF, a sign of its seriousness and perceived viability.

Bhanu Choudhrie, Alpha Aviation Group and others are focusing on how to prepare for future challenges in an aviation industry that is a post-COVID environment. Choudhrie, along with other aviation industry peers are carefully considering how their company’s impact on the environment as part of the COP26 Summit. One way to strengthen their commitment is to making adjustments in the future and taking actions.

The demand for aircraft travel will continue to grow, as well as the amount of emissions. The airlines account for around 33% of all global emission. SAF will be more prominently promoted and this could make a big difference in the world’s future health. As the planet warms, it is crucial that we reduce our emissions. Winter storms are becoming more severe.

All aircraft engines have the ability to operate with sustainable aviation fuels. Although the fleet is fully operational, there is not enough SAF. According to Bhanu ChoudhrieSAF accounts for only 0.1% of the global jet fuel consumption. If we are to make a significant impact on climate change, then this needs to change. Choudhrie’s and Alpha Aviation Group’s main goals for the next five-year period are to implement the necessary changes toward SAF and sustainability.

SAF will only be viable if all stakeholders are more cooperative. It will take time to develop both the financial infrastructure and programs. The creation of these programmes and the necessary financial backing to fully develop them will make it possible for the net zero emissions pledge to be realized. SAF will be more widely adopted and more cost-effective, which will lead to a shift in the industry’s attitude towards aviation fuels.

Although electric flights are an option for reducing air pollution, they have not been as extensively developed as those powered by sustainable aviation fuels. A low weight to power ratio in airplane batteries is hindering the development of battery-powered or electric flight. For large-scale commercial aviation, electric power would require technological advancements. This makes sustainable aviation fuels the most viable option to reduce emissions.

Alpha Aviation Group, which is headed by Bhanu Choudhrie and others, pushes for SAF. However, the company is not only focused on SAF. There are many sustainability challenges that airlines must address. The need to have more pilots is one of them, since there are currently shortages that are only going to increase with increased interest and demand for flights.

It e-learning programmesChoudhrie’s company offers many opportunities to help people realize their dream of being a pilot. Choudhrie and his company encourage women, minorities, and others with dreams of flying as their career. The rapid change caused by COVID means that adjustments must be made in order to accommodate the new realities of learning at a time where distance is encouraged. This can all be solved by e-learning.

These programmes were developed early in the pandemic. It was then that it became clear that adaptations to in-person learning would need to be made. Alpha Aviation Group started to work on e-learning to allow pilots in middle of training to continue working towards their goals and complete their programs. Choudhrie’s firm has created these options so pilots can continue to work on their goals, and their interests, even when COVID is a concern.

Proper programmes combined with a strong focus on aviation’s sustainable fuel options are helping propel the company forward in an era when aviation needs to adapt and change. It is evident that SAF will become more feasible and there are more available pilots to serve growing passenger demand. Alpha Aviation GroupThey will continue to be leaders in their field.

This strength is due to their ability to adapt during times of adjustment when they were forced to be more focused on the future than the present.

Author: Pat McGuigan

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