Teen Driving: Four Apps to Keep Your New Driver Safe

Driving is a big milestone in the life of every teenager as it is considered a rite of passage to adulthood. Sadly, it is often seen that kids end up being irresponsible or misusing their new-found freedom. Sometimes they need a little push or a wee bit of control which can help them evolve into responsible drivers. Here are a few apps which will help you ensure the safety of your teenage driver.

True Motion Family

True Motion Family, which was formerly known as Canary, is an extremely useful app which allows you to monitor your kid’s driving habits. The parent gets a notification if the child uses his or her phone while driving. Moreover, the parent can set boundaries such as the perimeter up to which the child is allowed to drive, speed limit as well as time by which your child should be home at night. Any time he or she is behind the wheels and brakes any of the set curfews, you will be immediately notified. Thus, you can take a virtual ride without even being present physically. It is available in both Google Play Store and Apple Store, making it compatible with almost every device.

Drive Alive

If your teen is someone who responds better to rewards than to punishment, this is the right app for you. Installed on your kid’s phone, this app rewards him or her for driving without using the phone. All that one has to do is to log in at the beginning of the ride and drive on without touching the phone while the app collects credits. At the end of the trip, the app has to be updated and the credits or points can be redeemed for prizes, discounts or even cash. While the app does not block any of the features of the phone, it offers the right incentive to not use the phone while driving.

Drive Smart

Majority of accidents, especially with new drivers are caused due to the driver being distracted behind the wheels. A phone can be a major cause of distraction and the Drive Smart app can help you out. This is a nifty app which prevents your kid from being distracted by phone calls and messages by diverting incoming calls directly to the voicemail and muting message notifications. It sends an automatic response to text messages, ensuring that all kinds of notifications stay away while driving. The app automatically detects when it’s in a car and launches itself. It also notifies the parents if it is deliberately disabled by the driver. If your kid prefers carrot over stick, it also rewards good driving behavior.

Cell control

While technology can be severely distracting an influence, it is technology which comes to the rescue as well. If your teenager is the rebellious one who refuses to play by the rules, Cell control is what you absolutely need. This enforces restriction on an kind of mobile activity that you choose to control, including calling, reading messages and texting, all kinds of social media activity, even taking a selfie! This ensures that your kid can drive without letting any distractions come in the way.


It is important to give your kids freedom, but when it comes down to the roads, it is better to be safe than sorry. Ensure a heart to heart discussion about ad safety and the rules that are expected of him or her. You might appear controlling right now but once your kid is in American University Rankings 美国大学排名 college, and away from home, your strictness will be appreciated.

Author: Brandon Park