Test Drive Accidents: What Happens If You Crash a Dealership Car?

Imagine this: You just left the lot of your local Honda dealership in North Olmsted, OH, to test drive one of your favorite vehicles. Everything is going great and you are ecstatic just thinking about making the purchase when, out of nowhere, you hear the sound of your car running into another car or an object on the street. What now? 

Although we assume we are going to be safe when we are test driving a car, the truth is car accidents do happen in these situations and you should always be prepared. Are you going car shopping in the near future? Do you plan on driving the car around to see how it handles and which features add to the experience? If so, here is everything you should know about what to do if you crash a dealership car. 

If You Were Not Responsible for the Accident…

If someone crashed into you and there was nothing you could have done to avoid the accident, the good news is there will generally be no repercussions for you. When these types of accidents take place, the insurer that covers the dealership and the dealership you borrowed the car from will be handling the accident reporting and insurance process. The situation may become more complex if you sustain injuries during the crash. 

In the event you are injured, you will need to consult the insurance agencies of the other person involved in the incident as well as the insurance agency of the dealership. If injuries are sustained, make sure to get all of the information from the other person involved and any witnesses, to avoid any language that could potentially hold you liable, and to report the incident with the authorities. If you should fail to retrieve the proper information or make it seem as though you were at fault for all or part of the events which led up to the accident, you could compromise a future case if you should have to go to court for the incident. 

If You Were Responsible for the Accident…

If you were responsible for the accident, there are several different possibilities that may occur. If the damage is minimal, the dealership may choose to use their own car insurance to pay for the damages and handle any losses. However, if you are liable, you should know that a dealership may pursue legal action and request you cover the damages with your own insurance. This may also happen if you were involved in a crash where the passenger or a person in the other car was hurt. You should also pay attention to any paperwork you sign prior to going on a test drive. Some dealerships may request you to sign a waiver before you enter the car and drive it. These waivers are liability waivers that legally transfer all liability and responsibility for damages to the person driving the car. Most dealerships will not require you to sign these waivers but you should always approach these forms with caution if they do. 

What Do I Do Now? 
If you find yourself in an accident during a test-drive, the best course of action to take is to seek out an experienced car accident lawyer who can handle your case. Many of the situations mentioned above where injuries or liability are involved can result in complex legal cases that should not be handled alone. As long as you take the necessary steps and hire the right individual, you will be able to avoid or minimize the impact of your test-drive accident.

Author: Brandon Park