Test Drive Safety Tips From Rochester Car Dealerships

Regardless if you’re buying a new or old car, test driving it should always be part of your to-do list. A test drive allows you to check the performance of a car to see if it actually meets your expectations. No matter how cheap a car is priced, you should never buy one unless you already drove in it.

When test driving a car, you should also think about your safety as the driver. After all, you will be using this car in different roads and weather conditions in the future. To help you out, here are some test drive safety tips from Rochester car dealerships:

1.    Planning Is Key

Even the simplest things you do should be planned, and test driving a car isn’t an exemption. Before you look at reputable car-selling websites such as www.thatsmyvision.com and schedule an appointment with the dealership, make sure you have a plan on how you’re going to test drive a car. Not only will a plan make the test driving process easier, but it will also save you time and energy. Here are some things you should do when planning for a test drive:

  • Ask a friend or family member to go with you to the car dealership. Tagging someone along can help you see the car’s performance from a passenger’s perspective.
  • Secure a copy of your license and proof of insurance before heading to the car dealership. These documents are often required by car dealerships so it’s best if you have these prepared beforehand. 

2.    Consider Other Factors

Contrary to popular belief, test driving a car doesn’t only require you to check if the car runs smoothly or how much gasoline it consumes. For you to be safe during the test drive, you should consider several other factors which are:

  • Visibility: You should have visibility of the road whenever you’re behind the wheel. When you’re test driving a car, assess how the mirrors fit to your vision, how much you can see from different sides of the car, and if you can actually see the cars around you. You should be comfortable enough to switch lanes and merge onto a busy highway with this car.
  • Acceleration: Different drivers have different definitions of what a “fast car” is. To ensure that you’ll only buy a car that suits your needs as a driver, check the power of the engine and check how it feels whenever you’re accelerating.
  • Steering: How fast the steering wheel responds to your command can make or break your safety while you’re on the road. Check if the steering wheel works to your driving preferences. Determine if the steering wheel is easy to maneuver and if it actually has a good reaction time. The quicker the steering wheel responds to your commands, the better. 
  • Brakes: When test driving a car, check if the brakes respond quickly. Make sure that the brakes respond well so you and your passengers can experience a smooth ride. 
  • Windshield Wipers: Having a clear vision will be useless if your windshield is damaged. To ensure your safety while test driving, inspect the windshield wiper of the car. One of the last things you want to experience is buying a car which comes with low-quality windshield wipers.
  • Engine Noise: You should pay attention to any noise the car makes when you’re test driving. This is especially important if you’re planning to buy used cars. When a car makes unusual sounds while accelerating, it may mean that it has underlying engine problems. 

3.    Make The Most Out Of Car Dealerships

A salesperson will assist you the moment you visit a car dealership. More often than not, they will even introduce several car offers even when you’re not asking. Make use of their services so you can safely test drive a car and come up with a better decision on which car to buy. Here’s how you can do it:

  • When test driving a car, make sure to ask the salesperson questions. They are the best person to talk to whenever you need help to maneuver the car. 
  • Be courteous with the salespersons when you’re test driving a car. If you want to focus on the test drive rather than talking with the salesperson, let them know. 
  • Be direct with your intentions. If you’re considering buying a car from other dealerships, let the salesperson know. If you only visited their dealership for the sole purpose of test driving the car, inform them. Ask for an estimate and don’t give out any guarantee that you’ll buy from them. 

Test Drives Are Essential

If you’re buying a car for the first time, you can easily be persuaded once a salesperson tells you how powerful a specific car is. They might even bombard you with different jargons just so they can close a sale with you. To check if their claims are indeed true, never forget to test drive the car. It’s always better to experience a car than to immediately believe any sales talk. 

Author: elli schmitt