Exspeedite as the Best Choice Trucking Software for Freight Transportation Companies

Transportation is as old as man. From the beginning of time, man and things have always moved; from point A to point B. Moving things from areas of surplus to the areas of need. This has continued to this day.

In an attempt and effort to support transportation and make transportation of man and goods easy, man has for ages been developing means and methods to develop, improve, and support the transportation of goods. 

The effort to improve transportation and make transportation of goods and cargo easier over the decades, have led to the emergence of various transportation companies, including freight transportation companies.

Development of Freight Transportation

For very many years, freight transportation has been developing and the industry has been changing with every new turn of the development wheel. 

Freight transportation which is the movement of goods, merchandise and cargo has become a huge business today. Freight transport is done by land, air, and sea. Therefore, it involves all the means of transportation involving land, air, and seas such as vehicles, trucks, trains, airplanes, and ships. 

However, much of the movement of goods and cargo today is being done by sea. This has sort of connected global economy. So much so that merchant shipping has become the current on which the world economy flows on. 

More than 87% of the global trade is done through the sea, rivers, and canals with more than 102,194 commercial ships worldwide. 

The freight transportation industry today is a hyper-competitive industry with the top companies competing for the top spot in an industry that has its value in the hundreds of billions of dollars. For a company to be seen as a top five or top 10 company should indeed be something to be proud of as a company, entrepreneur or executive. 

Top Players in Freight Transportation

So many freight transportation, freight factoring, and logistics companies have emerged Some reports and different publications have also released a number of publications and reports to the public detailing the top players in freight transportation in the world, and their different rankings on these lists. 

A report available on ttnews.com has placed XPO Logistics at the top as the number one logistics company in North America. However, this is not in disregard of the other top players in the logistics and freight transportation business. The success of XPO Logistics can mainly be attributed to what the report calls “a string of high-profile acquisitions over the last eight years”.

However, the freight transportation industry remains fragmented with very stiff competition amongst the big players in the industry. No single transportation company controls more than 10% of the market.

Some companies and entrepreneurs have really made their mark in the industry. While Bradley Jacobs is the chairman and CEO of XPO Logistics and has built an industry leader with $6.11 billion (USD) in net revenue, there are also many other notable individuals and entrepreneurs who have achieved remarkable success in freight transportation. 

The second top position of the top freight transportation companies goes to UPS Supply Chain Solutions with net revenue of $4.75 billion (USD). The company’s CEO is David Abney. The services which UPS offers its customers include; custom brokerage, supply chain consulting, dedicated contract carriage, freight brokerage, inventory management and packaging, air, and ocean freight forwarding, order fulfillment, warehousing and distribution, and transportation management.

DHL Supply Chain occupies the 3rd top position of top freight transportation companies. The company’s North American CEO is Scott Sureddin. The customers of the company include; Lego, Campbell’s Soup, Bayer Healthcare, Nike, Diageo Chrysler, Rodan + Fields, General Mills, Coty.

The services of DHL Supply Chain includes supply chain consulting, warehousing and distribution, transportation management and order fulfillment. 

The fourth top freight transportation company on the ranking is J.B. Hunt Transport Services with its CEO John Roberts. The company’s services include order fulfillment, warehousing and distribution, dedicated contract carriage, transportation management, freight brokerage, intermodal and drayage, and supply chain consulting. 

C. H. Robinson Worldwide is the freight transportation company that is occupying the 5th position on the ranking. Robert Biesterfeld is the Chairman and CEO of the company. C. H. Robinson Worldwide provides such services as intermodal and drayage, supply chain consulting, air and ocean freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, custom brokerage, freight brokerage, and transportation management. Its clients include Microsoft, Walmart, Lowe’s, HSNi, Sunny Delight, Evergreen Packaging, Tesco, Coca-Cola, and Ocean Spray. 

How Exspeedite Provides the Best Trucking Software Solution for These Companies

These businesses and operations of these top freight transportation companies depend on the services and solutions which are provided by a number of growing transportation management software companies. 

To survive and stay in business, these transportation management software companies jostle to provide their services and solutions to these top freight transportation companies. These solutions mainly come in the form of trucking software. But of these trucking software solution providers, one company stands out. And that company is Exspeedite. 

Exspeedite stands out as a transportation management trucking software provider for this list of trucking companies for very obvious reasons. 

Through the very many years of experience and knowledge of the team of experts and developers behind Exspeedite, Exspeedite has developed a stream of trucking software solutions that cater to the needs of freight transportation companies regardless of their sizes as Exspeedite’s trucking software solutions can be purchased by the big players in the industry, and indeed also, the small players.

The technology at Exspeedite is most up-to-date. As the technology space is always evolving, so is the trucking software solutions which Exspeedite is providing for these top companies. 

The developers of Exspeedite have developed what they know is missing from most other transportation management trucking software products, in addition to keeping their technology up to date. This makes it possible for Exspeedite to provide the best trucking software solution for these top companies.

If you are an executive of a top freight transportation company, you sure should use the Exspeedite trucking software. This is because Exspeedite trucking software increases the performance of your operations in a unique way to enable you to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction and exceptional retention. 

Exspeedite is also your better, faster, easier, and more affordable way to do things as a fully-integrated business to conveniently service your business.


Indeed, we have seen the top players in the global freight transportation space. The growth in the number of players in the freight transportation business has also shown to be a proof of the viability of the industry.

The global and top player in the freight transportation business has been engaged in the deep battle of the soul of freight transportation. This battle has led to a very high level of competition in the industry amongst the people and companies who are the top players and elements in the business. 

There are also many supporting companies and enterprises that provide supporting services and solutions to the top players in the freight transportation industry. The bulk of these services are provided by trucking software companies. These trucking software companies are also facing their own competition and trying to develop trucking software and solutions that would solve the problems of freight transportation and make the business easier for the players. 

However, of the a good deal of transportation trucking software companies that are available and of different sizes, Exspeedite remains the top choice for all top freights transportation companies and provides the best easy-to-use trucking software solutions at the lowest cost.

Author Bio: Scott Elliott

Scott Elliott, the CEO of Strong Tower and Exspeedite Trucking Software well embodies these great qualities. He currently sees to the affairs of the two companies whose progress rates baffle the mind. He has decided to use his experience as a businessman to better the lives of his very own folks.

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