The Best ATV Riding Techniques for Beginners

If you know the basics, you can easily set out for a ride to challenge more difficult terrains. Make sure to have all the tools and supplies safely stored in your rear or front ATV box, so that you could get the most out of a long ride.

However, if you are new to riding ATVs, there are some basic tips you should follow before hitting the trails for the first time.

Maintaining the proper sitting posture

With the proper posture, you will operate your quad more comfortably and confidently, which means you will be more agile in responding to different on and off-road driving situations. Besides, you won’t feel exhausted after a long ride.

  • Keep your head up and make sure that you can see clearly the trail running ahead of you.
  • Relax your shoulders and bend the elbows. With fully extended arms, it will be hard to operate the vehicle.
  • Keep your elbows a bit away from the body.
  • Keep your hands on handlebars at all times.
  • Keep your feet on footrests.

Mastering turns

An important thing to keep in mind when you practice making turns is that you need to keep your quad stable by shifting your bodyweight towards the turn.

The sharper the turn, the more you will have to lean in its direction to maintain the balance. Keep both of your hands on handlebars and turn them in the direction you want to go. Also, remember to keep your feet on footrests. Otherwise, you are running a risk of getting injured.

Going up the hill

As you approach an incline, speed up your quad and stand up. You will also have to lean forward to adjust the center of gravity. The steeper the incline, the more you will have to lean forward. Try to avoid looking at the ground and focus on the path ahead of you. Rocks, ruts, and other obstacles might put an inexperienced rider in danger of losing control over the vehicle.

Going downhill

If terrain conditions allow it, make sure that the path you choose is straight. Shift to a low gear and lean your body backward to avoid flipping over the handlebars. Whenever you need to stop or slow down, either apply the rear brake of both the rear and the front brake. Should you only use the front brake, the ATV is very likely to overturn.

Dealing with obstacles

Even though ATVs are designed to tackle obstacles with ease, once you see them blocking your path, deal with them in the right way. Otherwise, you will damage the quad or even get hurt.

As you approach an obstacle, slow down a little and stand up, with elbows and knees slightly bent. When your front wheels have cleared the obstacle, lean forward to take the bodyweight off the rear wheels.

When it comes to ATV riding, there are lots of interesting tricks to master to make the most of every second behind the handlebars. And with so many fascinating terrains to conquer on an ATV, riders stay happy all the year-round. So, devote some time to mastering these basic riding skills, pack all the essentials into your ATV cargo box and kick off on your first ride.

Author: Doug