The RealReal App Hosts Real Real Authenticated Luxury Items

Have you ever browsed the numerous luxury brands at the mall and wondered where to buy them for less? Have you ever wanted to purchase authentic luxury brands that are pre-loved but do not want to spend the same amount as if you were purchasing them brand new? The RealReal (TRR) app is what you’ve been looking for. The company prides itself in hiring experts in the field of authentication. Experts are used in all of their authentication processes. The RealReal app serves as a kind of liaison between the seller and the buyer. The seller sends in their item for authentication. Once authenticated and priced, The RealReal will then market the item in its marketplace. As the app name indicates, The RealReal app is an authenticated luxury consignment retailer offering a wide range of luxury goods for women, men, children, pets, and items for the home.

Today, we take a look at their recent posts on Instagram. A recent post shows a beautiful Cartier watch. Specifically, a Panthère de Cartier watch. Set on a backdrop of a safari sentiment, the Cartier watch glistens as it is positioned in a prowl. Stalking its prey, you can almost hear it growl.

In another post, a lovely pair of pastel pink Gucci strap sandals are on full focus. Complimenting an Easter purple dress, this ensemble will be sure to turn heads during a spring event. Simple yet sophisticated, the ankle straps will ensure the sandals will stay on your feet without sacrificing looks.

In the most recent post, a Fendi bucket purse takes center stage. This mini-bag will attract attention even for its small size. Pack your makeup, pack your hand sanitizer, and pack a banana. This mini-bag will store your essentials while you’re on the go. The black and brown colors take a small step back from the gold details surrounding the bag. This mini-bag is great to take with you on spur-of-the-moment gatherings.

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The RealReal App Hosts Real Real Authenticated Luxury Items