What are the most dangerous highways in Fort Lauderdale?

In general, driving in Broward County is fraught with danger. But Fort Lauderdale is one of the most hazardous places to drive in the county. Find out which highways near Fort Lauderdale put you at the greatest risk of being in an accident.

The Facts

Before you look at the most dangerous roads, you should learn a little about the risks of driving in Fort Lauderdale. In 2012, the amount of traffic deaths in Broward County spiked. By the end of December that year, there were 171 deaths in the county. Fort Lauderdale highways are home to many of those accidents.

In 2017, there were 5,400 car accidents reported in the city of Fort Lauderdale. Many of those accidents were caused by reckless or negligent driving. For instance, speeding and distracted driving are common causes of accidents in South Florida.

Accidents can happen anywhere in the city. But the following local highways are the most common sites of collisions.

I-95 South

If you have ever been on I-95 South, you probably have seen an accident. Every day, thousands of people use I-95 to commute to and from work. It’s not uncommon to pass a collision or find yourself in bumper-to-bumper traffic because of an accident.

It’s worth noting that I-95 North can also be dangerous. If you’re headed out of Fort Lauderdale towards Boca Raton or one of the other nearby cities, you are also likely to witness an accident. In fact, there are about 1.73 fatal accidents per mile of I-95 in the Miami-Broward area.

There are two main reasons for the frequency of collisions on this road. First, there’s a high volume. With so many cars on the road, accidents are inevitable. But there’s another reason for the prevalence of collisions – reckless driving. The stretch of the highway near Fort Lauderdale is a common site for speeding. While driving at high speeds, the drivers can’t react in time to other vehicles. They also can’t control their vehicles as well as those who are moving at slower speeds.

Alligator Alley

Also known as Everglades Parkway, Alligator Alley is one of the best ways for people to get from Fort Lauderdale to Southwest Florida. However, it’s also one of the most dangerous highways.

Since 1986, approximately 150 people have been killed in accidents on Alligator Alley. The two-lane highway can be very dangerous. As some individuals disregard the speed limit, they put everyone else at risk.

The Florida Turnpike

This highway in Fort Lauderdale travels through 11 of Florida’s counties. In Fort Lauderdale and the rest of Broward County, the road is particularly dangerous. Construction on the road can make driving difficult, and there have been wrong-way crashes. Additionally, road debris can cause drivers to lose control and become involved in accidents.

Another challenge with this stretch of road is the high volume of tourists. Many tourists flock to the area, and that can make driving dangerous. They are more likely to rely on their GPS for directions. As they watch their phones, they lose sight of the road. They also may drive inconsistently as they realize they are in the wrong lane or need to get off at an exit.

A collision can happen anywhere and to anyone. If you find yourself a victim of a car accident, contact Friedland & Associates – Car Accident Lawyers. You can receive the help you need to overcome your accident.

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What are the most dangerous highways in Fort Lauderdale?