The Truth About CBD Tincture Effects


Feeling sleepy?

According to the CDC, there’s an ongoing sleep epidemic that’s endangering the lives of Americans. About one-third of U.S. adults are getting less sleep than they need to be healthy.

Luckily, there’s hope, and it’s in the form of CBD! CBD is an exceptional sleep aide tool, helping more and more people finally catch enough z’s. CBD products are also helping people with all sorts of other conditions such as pain, depression, and anxiety.

However, there are still those who remain hesitant. Unsure about how CBD tincture effects work, or the best ways to take CBD, they let a great opportunity pass them by.

Don’t let a lack of information hold you back. To help you decide if CBD’s right for you, we’ve created this short but complete guide all about CBD tinctures.

Read on to learn whether or not CBD tinctures are right for you.

Will CBD Tinctures Get You High?

Are you worried about getting high from CBD? Then we have good news! CBD tincture effects won’t cause you to feel high or disoriented (as long as you take the right dose).

There are hundreds of chemical compounds in marijuana, and they’re called cannabinoids. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is 1 of the chemical compounds found in cannabis and hemp.

However, CBD doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties. You can also rest assured that CBD isn’t physically addictive. Instead, the opposite is true as researchers are discovering different ways to use CBD to help treat drug addictions. New research shows CBD can help with tobacco, opioid, and cocaine addictions.

How to Get the Perfect Dose

To have the best CBD experience, you have to figure out what your sweet spot is when it comes to dosing. First, read the instructions on the label of the tincture you’re about to use.

Find out exactly how potent the product is since high CBD tincture effects will have more of an impact than less potent options. For example, the way you’ll feel from 500 mg CBD tincture effects, will differ from tinctures with 1000 mg or more of CBD.

If it’s your first time taking CBD, you should always take less than you think you’ll need. Later, you can increase your dose if you’re not getting the desired effects. Finally, never assume that a dose that works for your friend will work for you.

CBD doses are personal and several factors can impact the way the tincture interacts with your body. Your age, weight, CBD tolerance, and body chemistry will all influence the amount of CBD you need to take. 

What Happens If You Overdose on CBD?

Moving on, let’s look at what CBD tincture side effects you’ll feel if you take too large of a dose. Here’s a shortlist of the negative effects you could experience from an overdose:

  • Fatigue
  • Trouble focusing
  • Dry mouth
  • Change in appetite

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about dying from taking too much CBD. Instead, an overdose simply means you’ll have a less than favorable experience.

To avoid taking too much CBD we suggest you start keeping a CBD journal. In your journal jot down how much you’re taking, and when, to avoid overdoing it later on in the day.

Benefits of Buying High-Quality Products

Are all CBD tinctures equally effective? The short answer is no. Unfortunately, there’s a ton of companies out there selling worthless and even harmful CBD products.

That’s why you should always shop for quality over affordability when it comes to CBD tinctures. Here are a few tips to help you safely buy CBD online:

  • Use safe hemp sources
  • Buy from brand names
  • Look for 3rd party lab reports

If you’re concerned about failing a drug test, it’s also important that you look for CBD companies that sell products that are completely THC free. When you visit their site, you should be able to easily see if there’s any THC in the products. Finally, quality companies will also include a certificate of analysis, verifying the quality of the products you’re about to buy.

Different Ways to Take CBD Tinctures

There are so many options when it comes to taking CBD tinctures! First, you can choose to orally ingest the tincture.

Simply place your desired dosage in your mouth, and swallow. You can also orally ingest tinctures by adding them to your favorite drink, such as coffee or tea.

Next, you can take CBD tinctures sublingually, allowing your sublingual glands to absorb the CBD molecules. To take CBD sublingually, you simply have to place the dose under your tongue, and let it sit for 1-3 minutes.

The longer you let the tincture sit, the better the effects will be. When you’re done letting the tincture absorb, take a sip of water to wash any residual CBD molecules down.

Make Your Own Edibles

Tinctures are a great option if you want to bake or cook with CBD. If you choose to bake with CBD, you’ll need to first mix the tincture with a carrier. The carrier can be something like fatty butter, or coconut oil.

Next, be careful to not overheat the tincture, no matter what recipe you’re making. The last thing you want to do is heat the CBD so much that it evaporates. Of course, if you’re afraid of ruining the CBD by cooking with it, you can stick to it easier to make edibles.

For instance, add the tincture to your favorite dipping sauce, and enjoy a CBD friendly chip dip! CBD tinctures also go great with soups.

Alternative CBD Products

Once you start enjoying the benefits of tinctures, you’re probably going to want to give other CBD products a try. We suggest buying a CBD bath bomb for a truly relaxing experience. You can also buy CBD beauty care products to help keep your skin clear and healthy.

Timeline for Feeling CBD Tincture Effects 

The amount of time it takes CBD tincture effects to kick in depends on the method you choose for taking the product. For instance, if you want fast-acting effects, we suggest you take the tincture sublingually. As your sublingual glands absorb the CBD molecules, you’ll be able to feel fast-acting effects within 30 minutes or less.

Next, if you take the CBD orally, or add it to your drink, the effects will take about 45-60 minutes to kick in. One of the benefits of orally ingesting CBD is that the effects tend to last longer. Depending on your dose, you can expect to feel the effects of the tincture for anywhere from 2-6 hours or longer.

CBD Is Both Safe and Legal

CBD tinctures are legal on a federal level, as long as they’re free of THC. Specifically, the CBD products have to contain less than .3% of THC. If you want a product that’s 100% free of THC, you’ll have to look for broad-spectrum CBD products.

However, keep in mind that CBD products that have trace amounts of THC won’t get you high. For instance, there are full-spectrum CBD products that contain less than .3% of THC.

Taking CBD With Other Medications

Moving on, let us look at CBD tincture effects when it comes to prescription medications. Whenever you’re taking prescriptions, it’s a good idea to ask your doctor if they’ll have negative interactions with CBD products.

Depending on the medication you’re taking, CBD can either increase or decrease the effectiveness of the prescription. For instance, CBD can increase the effectiveness of blood thinners, which is a bad thing.

Finally, check your medications to see if they have a grapefruit warning. A grapefruit warning is something certain medications have on their label. The warning tells users to not eat grapefruit while taking that medication.

If a drug won’t mix well with grapefruit, it’s safe to say it won’t mix well with CBD. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, just have a quick chat with your doctor so you can know for sure.

Best Times to Take CBD

Finally, let’s look at the best times to take CBD. Since CBD takes about 30-60 minutes to kick in, you’ll want to plan your dose accordingly.

If you’re taking CBD as a sleep aid, we suggest taking your dose about 1.5 hours before laying down. This way you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the relaxing effects as you drift off into dreamland. However, if you’re taking CBD as a stress reliever, the sooner you take it in the morning the better.

Decide If CBD Is Right for You

There you have it! The top CBD tincture effects that you need to know about. 

Were you surprised to find out that you can add CBD tinctures to your favorite snacks and drinks? Or how about how getting the perfect dose is easy, as long as you start slow?

We hope our article will inspire you to finally decide if CBD is right for you. For more articles like this one, go ahead and check out this site.

Author: Brandon Park