The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Unique Van

There are various ways that you can make your van stand out from the crowd. Why have a standard boring old standard van, there are so many ways to stamp your personality onto the vehicle and this is the ultimate guide to the best of them. So take note and you could soon have the sharpest vehicle in all of town.

Custom Paint Job

What is the most standard thing about any vehicle, and especially vans? It’s the way it looks and the paint job is a big part of that and you only get so many options from the factory, even if you go for one of the more premium options it’s just that, an option and others will always have the same one. So a custom paint job is the only way to go for complete uniqueness and it’s important to get the right company to do this for you. Research and read reviews and testimonials, preferably with examples of previous work. Here are some cool examples of what a custom paint job can look like.

Custom Alloys

After the bodywork, you’ll want the wheels to look just as good. There’s no point in getting one without the other as shiny new paint job with rusty old wheels? Not a good look! Get an experienced professional firm like Ace Alloys to design and build you exactly what you need.

Convert To A Camper

What is better than a cool looking van? A cool looking camper van, of course! You can upgrade and build any van into a camper and there are so many options from low-key minimalist looks to fitted out to the max with all mod-cons including bedding, kitchen and more. Parked In Paradise is a great site with loads of ideas and tutorials on everything from interior layout to fitting solar panels.

Upgrade The Stereo

One of the major drawbacks I’ve found with any van I’ve ever owned is the poor quality of the stereo that the manufacturer usually provides. I think this is because, in the main, a van is designed for employees to drive and as such, they are not designed to be driven by the person who purchases them and little extras and luxuries are rarely part of the plan. If you are at all practical with basic electronics then it should be an extremely simple job to fit it yourself. Alternatively, there are plenty of audio specialists and motoring shops that would be glad to fit it for you.

One For The Future

Since we’ve been totally down to earth and in the here and now up till this point we thought we should mention what upgrades we can come to expect in the future. One would be electric vans and it might even be possible to keep the old van and upgrade the engine. Or self-driving cars? These are still in the process of ironing out the issues so I wouldn’t jump on this one just yet but it’s definitely the way things are going for the long-term.

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The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Unique Van