Three-row Porsche could be coming after dealers reportedly shown new model bigger than Cayenne

Porsche is rumored to be working on a larger model than the Cayenne crossover, which was mid-size.

Citing dealer sources, Automotive News(Subscription required). On Tuesday it was reported by Porsche that the company held an event last week in which some U.S. dealers saw a picture of its vehicle, longer than the Cayenne.

It isn’t a conventional crossover, but it was due to arrive in the second decade. One dealer described it as “part sedan, part crossover.” Another said it had a “flat rear design.”

Porsche logo

Such descriptions point to something more akin to a wagon—one likely big enough to fit third-row seats.

Porsche is most well-known for the 911 sports car, but its top selling models are the Cayenne crossover and Macan crossover, both of which are very popular among family-oriented buyers. Dealers have expressed concern that Porsche is losing customers with larger families. Management could find a 3-row model appealing.

Porsche showed an earlier version of its minivan design with third-row seating in September. The Porsche Renndienst Study was a concept that showed how a 3-row Porsche might look.

Porsche Renndienst Study

Porsche Renndienst Study

Porsche Renndienst Study

Porsche Renndienst Study

Porsche Renndienst Study

Porsche Renndienst Study

According to dealers, the car will initially come with plug-in hybrid power. Later on, it will be powered by battery-electric.

Porsche could have developed the mysterious model from the Landjet Project, which is a big, low-slung, large-sized vehicle that was being built by Audi. It is expected that the Landjet will also be used to create models at Bentley, Porsche and other brands. The Landjet, however, is a pure electric vehicle.

Germany’s HandelsblattLast year, it was reported that three Landjet vehicles would be manufactured at Hanover’s plant. The vehicles are said to have a range of at least 400 miles and high self-driving capabilities. Handelsblatt said that they are looking for an alternative to the Tesla Model S next-generation.

Audi Grandsphere concept - 2021 Munich Auto Show

Audi Grandsphere concept 2021 Munich Auto Show

Audi’s next-generation Landjet version is expected to be the A8. It will go on sale in 2025. This was revealed by the Grandsphere concept. Bentley’s version of the Landjet is expected to be its first EV. It is due for release in 2025.

The Panamera’s U.S. sales are expected to drop below 4,000 units by Porsche’s new version. With a length difference of just over three inches, the Taycan is already close to the Panamera’s size.

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Author: Brandon Park