Tips For Beating A DWI

If you get a DWI or DUI, your life will change drastically.  In most areas, it’s difficult to function without a car or license.  When you get a DWI or are arrested for driving under the influence, you can expect that your life will experience some upheaval. This is why it’s important to be aware of your rights and avoid certain scenarios that might get you in trouble.

A DWI Will Affect Your Life In The Following Ways:

  • Career and job complications
  • Loss of freedom
  • Inability to drive
  • It will be on your record
  • Feelings of embarrassment

Below we will discuss 5 tips for beating a DWI

5 Tips To Beat A DWI

TIP 1: Exercise Your Right To Remain Silent

Exercising your right to remain silent is the first step to beating a DWI.  Being cautious about what you say and waiting until you hire a DWI attorney will be helpful to you in the long run.

In addition, you will want to avoid saying anything that can get you into trouble.  Wait until your lawyer is present and don’t say a word.

TIP 2: Be Smart About What You Do

Practicing safe lifestyle behaviors is key to avoiding getting a DWI.  For example, if you are going to a party, be sure to take an Uber.  Assign a designated driver and think before you get behind the wheel of a car.

Being smart about the way you conduct your life will avoid unfortunate things from happening down the line.

TIP 3: Don’t Take Field Sobriety Tests

Don’t volunteer to take a field sobriety test. Even if you are completely sober.  These tests are designed for you to fail. So taking one can lead to bigger issues you won’t want to deal with.

In addition, be aware that you can not be forced to do anything you do not want to do.  Don’t take a field sobriety test voluntarily and you’ll easily beat a DWI.

TIP 4: Hire A Good Attorney

Hiring a good attorney is key to beating a DWI.  Your attorney should have a great reputation with DWI cases.  You can find a criminal defense attorney with excellent reviews or ask your friends if they have any references.

Hiring a good attorney is key to winning any DWI case!

TIP 5: Don’t Drink And Drive In The First Place

Probably the most important step to beating a DWI is to not drink and drive in the first place.  In our super connected world, you have so many opportunities to avoid the inconvenience, stress and heart ache of a DWI.  For one, you can arrange for alternate transportation if you feel drinking might be an issue.  Choosing to make wise decisions for your life is key to not getting arrested and facing DWI charges.


Getting a DWI or DUI charge is a debilitating thing that you should try to avoid at all costs.  Not only will your personal life be affected, but your future can be affected too.  If you get a DWI, it will be on your record and you won’t be able to go to and from work.  Besides all the fines, penalties and lawyer fees you will simply want to do your best to make good decisions to avoid this inconvenience.

We truly hope you have learned a little something from this post.  In addition, we hope you see how detrimental a DWI can be to your life.  In addition to hurting yourself, you can also harm others who are on the road.  Beating a DWI might not really be your first priority, but avoiding one in the first place.

Author Information:
Carl Barkemeyer is a DWI attorney of Barkemeyer Law Firm.  He has over ten years of experience in beating DWI cases in Louisiana.

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