Tips for Driving at Night

Believe it or not, driving is one of the most dangerous things we do on a regular basis. It might not seem that way, since we safely get from one place to another so often but car accidents are shockingly common when you look at statistics.

Accidents increase greatly at nighttime as well. There’s numerous reasons like low light, distracted drivers, or even tired drivers. You should make it a goal to pay just a little bit more attention to the road at nighttime, it could certainly save you from an accident. Here are some tips to make sure you’re driving safely at night.

Think of Others When Using Headlights

Headlights are a tricky aspect of the car. They help you to see at night, but can also be a danger to others if you’re not using them properly. You should make sure to turn your headlights on even before it gets truly dark out and keep them on while it gets light out at dusk. This increases the chance of other cars seeing you, which increases your driving safety.

Also, be smart if you’re using your high beams. The second you see another car you should cut off your high beams. This can be an incredibly distracting and dangerous issue if you effect the eye sight of other drivers while they’re behind the while. So, you should use the high beams as cautiously as possible.

Clean Your Windshield to Reduce Glare

Every other car will also have their headlights on, so you need to plan for this by making sure your windshield is clean. You should regular clean it on the inside and outside. This will reduce the glare from headlights or streetlights, which will ensure you have the most visibility possible while driving.

Get Enough Sleep at Night

Sleep is something that you might not think of as having an impact on your driving. But, it’s really important for driving safely at night. “Make sure you’re well-rested,” Chris Brantner, Certified Sleep Science Coach at said. “The average person is sleep-deprived, receiving fewer than seven hours of sleep per night. Climbing behind the wheel at night without enough sleep is a recipe for disaster.”

Give Other Cars Extra Space

Plenty of other drivers on the road at night will be distracted or even impaired for worst-case scenarios. There’s also a concern some might overly rely on the new tech in cars which can be dangerous at night. You should plan for this by making sure you give other drivers some extra space you might not normally give during daylight hours.

This could include leaving more room between yourself and another car on the highway, in case they hit their brakes hard. Or, if you’re changing lanes give yourself some extra time with your turn signal on to ensure other drivers know what you’re doing.

Be Extra Cautious of Pedestrians in Busier Areas

Sometimes it feels like pedestrians are much riskier at nighttime than daytime. They can see your car and its headlights clearly and often times assume you can see them perfectly as well. This leads to many accidents each year and is likely getting worse due to more distracted driving. When driving near busy areas, especially near bars or restaurants, try to drive a little slower than normal and extra cautious eye out for anyone crossing the street.

Author: Brandon Park