Tips On Cleaning Your Rideshare

If you want to become a rideshare driver, it is really important that you get ready so that you can get the ratings that you want. You have to satisfy your customers and the very first step to do that is to offer them a really clean ride. This is especially the case when dealing with the current coronavirus pandemic. 

If you want to drive a rideshare that works as it should and is welcoming for people, the best thing you can do is to make sure that it is always clean. 

Also, as an extra tip, make sure that your car is properly insured. For instance, you may want to get an extended car warranty like olive’s Honda option. This protects you and your car. At the same time, you get to save money in the event that a repair happens. 

Getting back to the main subject at hand, if you want to clean your rideshare, follow the following tips. Make sure your car is clean before you accept any car ride. 

Thoroughly Clean Your Car First

Before you become a ridesharing driver, you have to thoroughly clean the vehicle. In most cases, hiring a professional washing service is the best thing that you can do. However, if this is not possible, you will have to clean the car alone. Make sure you do the following:

  • Organize and declutter – The first step is always to remove absolutely everything from the car that is not essential, like water bottles, boxes, clothes, and trash. If you want to keep some items, like electrical accessories, gum, or maps, they need to be properly organized so they are stored somewhere the passenger does not see them. 
  • Vacuum – Use the vacuum in your home or rent one from a car wash. Remove absolutely all crumbs and dirt from the upholstery and do not forget about surfaces touched by your feet and hands. The vacuum can remove most of the dirt that appears with regular car use.
  • Wipe surfaces – All the hard surfaces inside the vehicle have to be cleaned, like the gear shifter, dash, buttons, doors, or cup holders. In order to do this, use a solution of water and soap. Just make sure that you do not use harsh chemicals since they can damage the plastic or leather covering such areas. Also, clean upholstery inside the washing machine based on the indications of the manufacturer. 
  • Remove stains – If there are stains present, use an automotive stain remover or baking soda. However, make sure that you do not use any product to clean a larger area because you never know how it will react. Just use the stain remover on a smaller area first, preferably one that is out of sight. 
  • Sanitize and deodorize – An air freshener is absolutely necessary inside the vehicle. This improves the experience the passenger gets. Also, sanitizer is mandatory since we are faced with a global coronavirus pandemic that we need to be really careful with. 

Stock Up On Cleaning Accessories

Basic cleaning accessories are very useful inside the car. This includes glass cleaner, air freshener, and automotive wipes. Use these to wipe down the really important parts of the vehicle and also keep them properly maintained, all while you drive a rideshare. 

Another tool that you should consider is a vacuum. Choose a handheld option so that you can clean all dirt and crumbs without having to go to your home to do it. You do not even have to visit the car wash for this to happen. However, if you do not have one and you need it, go to the closest gas station or car wash. They have some you can use. 

Trash Receptacle

There are often situations in which you have to throw away some trash. This might be needed for you or for your passengers. You can easily get a small car trash can to help out. Just make sure that you use one that has a lid. 

With the use of a trash receptacle, you can make sure that the interior of the vehicle stays perfect. Both the passengers and you need places to throw trash. All passengers appreciate such an extra touch. 

Obviously, you also need to enforce the use of the trash can. Not all passengers are going to respect your wishes. 

Never Forget About The Car’s Exterior

The exterior of the vehicle is just as important as the interior. You need to regularly take the vehicle to a car wash so you remove all mud and dust. This makes the passengers confident and creates a very good first impression, which you always need in order to get the best possible reviews. 

Go to the car wash and clean the car’s exterior every single time it is needed. The exterior of the vehicle is what your clients first see and will have a huge impact on the reviews you get.

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