Tips On Remote Garage Doors When You Keep Your Car In The Garage

When installing a garage door, you need to ensure the safety of your family, home and property. The purpose of installing garage doors is negated if the garage has no security. Most premium garage doors are equipped with a remote control that can be used to control door openers a short distance. 

Depending on the dimensions of garage doors and the owner’s needs, various types of garage door openings are available on the market. In this article, we will help you get a bit more necessary on garage doors and help you understand the best garage door opener for yourself

Keep Your Remote Control WIth You

Many people hang garage door remote controls in the front seats of cars. But you should always keep the remote garage door opener with you instead of leaving it in the car, just like a house or car key. 

Use Smart Technology

Smart technology makes it easier than ever to secure your garage. With these applications, you can see when the garage door is locked, and receive notifications when unauthorized users try to open the door. Use the easy steps to get notifications when the garage door opens. You can even program apps to receive push notifications only at specific times of the day, or days of the week.

Program the car into the garage door opener: If you have a newer vehicle, you can program the garage door opener to digitally recognise the car. By using such a system that functions in your vehicle, you no longer need to carry your actual garage door remote control with you. 

Don’t Leave the Garage Door Open

Upgrade your automatic garage door opener to work with the application and configure it to receive notifications when the garage door is opened: If the garage door remains open for some time, you can configure the application to receive a notification. You can also turn the light on and off at any time and from anywhere, and open and close the garage door. Leaving unnecessarily open garage doors is an open invitation for everyone to enter the house. Even if you live in a safe place, don’t take anything for granted. 

You can also buy a stand-alone garage door monitor to keep an eye on your door. 

Stop Intruders

Thieves are known to use wire hangers to open garage doors from the outside, so secure your release cables with zippers. Use a door connecting bolt if the garage is connected to the house, the door must be protected like an external door: correctly mount the bolt and make sure that all additional doors or windows are always closed. You can also scare off burglars by blocking the lock from inside the garage door, e.g.A.sliding multi-point lock garage door  (available at good garage door companies like a1 Garage, or even on Amazon). 

Install Detectors

Motion detectors detect every movement under the garage door and automatically prevent it from closing. The laser is installed on the front of the garage door during and uses modern, state-of-the-art motion sensors. Each time the door is opened, the laser scans the area under the garage door and a similar protocol is performed when the door is closed. 

Use a Modern Remote

Some garage door openers are equipped with an automatic radio keyboard that can be used to operate the door. Early forms of garage door lifting mechanisms increased door convenience, but remote opener frequencies can easily be copied to other remote devices. Thanks to advanced technology, manufacturers of garage door openers have developed a mobile code technology that creates a new code every time the opener is used. 

Try to update the garage door opener or install a better garage door opener to prevent your code getting hacked. 

Parking your car in a garage instead of the street or driveway is always a safer option. But make sure your garage is secure or your car might tempt thieves into your home.

Author: Brandon Park