Top 5 Motorcycle Rides for Southern California

Traveling in the Golden State of California is not just limited to staying in exotic resorts near the magnificent pacific coast or enjoying Disney attractions. With twisty, hilly roads, picturesque landscapes, and fair weather, California is undoubtedly one of the most esteemed destinations in the United States, with some of them located in the Southern part of the state. 

If the foggy, thick Los Angeles National Forest roads were not enough to hit the scenic Sothern California routes, maybe wide-spread Death Valley Scenic Byway and beautiful Angeles Crest will tick all the boxes.

When you try to choose the best place for a motorcycle ride in Southern California, it can be confusing, especially with many options. To narrow down your search, we have come up with our top 5 Southern Californian roads that will help you reveal and enjoy hundreds of undiscovered gems.

Even though there are several transportation options to visit these heavenly places, nothing is as good as riding on two wheels along with the whole world by your side. If you are nearby Las Vegas and getting an itch for fresh Californian air, Rent a motorcycle in Los Angeles from the best bike rentals in Southern CA.

Route 74

Route 74, also known as the Ortega Highway, is situated in Riverside County and is praiseworthy for multiple reasons. While it’s primarily famous for Lake Elsinore’s stunning view, this expansive desert highway is a combination of palms and pines. 

This moderate and beautiful 50-mile cruise leads to Indian Wells from Hemet, CA. When you hop on your bike and head towards this highway, you will first find yourself amid the thick San Bernardino National Forest that takes you to the midst of the palm desert. It’s a perfect ride to treat yourself with twists and turns and rising altitudes. 

Angeles Crest Highway

Located in the north of LA, Angeles Crest is a perfect motorcycle ride with amazing hilly views and forests. It takes to Wrightwood, CA, through a plethora of twisties and hairpins from the starting point – La Cañada Flintridge.

While the highway stretches 45 miles long, you can complete this motorcycle ride in only one and a half hours. 

Death Valley

How about a motorcycle ride through the hottest place in North America? Interesting right…?

No need to say, it needs a plan. With that being said, we suggest an overnight stay at Furnace Creek before you hit the road for an exciting ride from Badwater Basin to Dante’s View. 

With many worth-a-click hotspots, this ride is mainly famous for offering the lowest point of the Death Valley – The Badwater Basin. So that you know, the Badwater Basin is situated 282 feet below the sea level and one of the lowest elevated points in the world. With an endless layer of thick salt, Death Valley ride will make you feel like carving your way through the freshly fallen snow. 

Unlike the other roads of our list, a route from Badwater Basin to Dante’s View does not have many twists. In fact, it’s relatively straight. Once you reach the end of the highway, you can view the surrounding mountains. If you are lucky enough and the skies are clear, you can also see all the way to California’s tallest peak – Mount Whitney. 

Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway (AKA Highway 1) has something for everybody. Generally, the starting point of this ride is world-famous Sunset Boulevard. However, if you ask us where to begin this classic Hollywood sightseeing, we would recommend that Highland and Sunset are the perfect points to kick-off your journey. 

This highway leads to the pacific coast, taking you past some of the most popular destinations in the world, such as Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and Malibu. Considered the most beautiful bike ride in the US, this highway is spread over hundreds of miles that finally take you to ravishing sandy beaches of Santa Monica Pier. We recommend completing this trip in several days to maintain safety. Plus, a journey in breaks will let you enjoy each notable point of this grand coastal highway. 

LA To Big Bear Lake

Known as Highway 38, it is a fantastic bike road that goes through the dense San Bernardino national forest. If you want a short run-away from noisy city life, kick start your bike and let the breeze pass through your hair on this magnificent highway trip. This goes without saying that beautiful nature will accompany you right from the start till you reach the stunning Big Bear Lake, located around 100 miles northeast of LA.

Full of beautiful resting points in a way, riders can have a quick sip of countryside coffee and capture some fantastic mountainous views in their cameras on their way to Big Bear Lake. For a pine-scented mountain air and picture-perfect vistas, this bike ride is visually arresting and marvelously enchanting.


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Top 5 Motorcycle Rides for Southern California