Top 5 Tips For Safe Car Travel With Your Dog

When taking your pup for a ride, first you have to consider their safety. Dogs should never be allowed to roam about the car freely while it is in motion. Some dogs can get overly excited and want attention and others may want to stick their heads out the window which might end in disaster should you get into any sort of car accident. Today, we are sharing our top 5 tips when traveling with your dog.

Turn off power windows

Most cars have a button on the driver’s side that locks all power windows. We strongly recommend using this whenever you travel with your dog. This provides peace of mind knowing that when your dog is riding in the back of the car, they cannot roll down the window. You can roll down the windows a little bit, but not far enough that the dog can put their head out the window. Some dogs may be tempted to jump out the window if they get too excited during the time they are traveling in the car.

Consider a car seat

Depending on the size of your dog, you may need to consider buying a car seat specifically designed for dogs. Small to medium-sized dogs can fit in most pet booster seats, and the added boost it provides will allow your dogs to see out the window while you are driving. This makes it a much smoother ride because it minimizes the risk of your dog pacing back and forth in the back seat, or even attempting to get in the front seat with you in order to see. For dogs that weigh over 30 pounds, a car seat tether attached to a harness is another great solution for travel with your dog.

Gradually get them used to travel in a car

Start out slowly when training a dog to travel with you in the car. Begin any travel with your dog in the neighborhood for short drives, then work your way up to driving on the freeway with them.

Pack a pet travel kit

You should include their favorite chew toy, a water bowl, snacks, a leash, and doggie bags to clean up after them. Parents usually pack things for their children so this same logic should also apply to dogs when traveling.

Use a pet carrier for longer trips

When taking your pup for a ride, or more specifically a road trip, a well-ventilated carrier may be a better option than just a simple car seat. Find a comfortable and roomy carrier that they like. Trips can take a toll on pets, so it is always best to take more breaks than usual to let your dog stretch their legs and go to the bathroom every few hours.

Author: Doug