Top 7 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Car

If you want to take good care of your vehicle, you may wonder what are the most important items that should be in your car at all times. The response to this question may largely depend on your daily activities and routines. But there are some things you should always have with you. If you are one of those people who keeps their car stuffed with junk, you might want to consider planning a thorough car cleaning soon. 

However, if you’re a daily stressor, having a messy car can make it more difficult for you to survive an emergency. In the long run, having no room for the items that are necessary for your safety in emergencies can be more than just an inconvenience.

Read on to learn a few things you should always keep in your car to feel comfortable and safe.

Insurance card 

In order to drive a car, you will need car insurance, and a rather good one is highly recommended. Consider looking for a reputable brokerage to help you find the right car insurance for you. For example, if you live in Ontario, Canada you should look for the best car insurance Ontario quotes online, so you can choose a policy at a great price. Keep in mind that car insurance is mandatory in Ontario, so it’s best to look around before you settle for a particular insurance policy. 

You will typically receive two insurance cards from your auto insurance provider, so you can keep one inside your car. Place it somewhere you’ll remember and can get to it quickly. It might be convenient to store it in the compartment, or you might prefer a storage space by your right arm in the center console. Put the second card in your files, or keep it with you while driving in a bag or wallet.

Spare tire and tire kit 

One of the most important things to remember is to always keep a spare tire and a kit for changing it in your car. A tire iron and a tire jack should always be included in this kit. Even if you usually call an emergency roadside service when you have a flat tire, you should be familiar with the fundamentals of tire changing just in case.

Owner’s manual and tire gauge 

Your owner’s manual is another item you should always keep in the car. Keep a copy of this in your glove compartment or center console at all times for quick access. Note that this manual consists of all the specific details about your car that you are required to know, such as the correct tire pressure level. Also, always carry a tire gauge with you. It’s small, about the size of a pen, andvery important, especially on long drives.

First aid kit 

Next, you might find yourself in a less-than-ideal condition, even worse than being stranded by the side of the road. You should always keep a first aid kit in your car in case someone gets hurt. Most convenience stores sell pre-made first-aid kits that you can buy. In keeping with safety, you ought to pack an emergency kit that contains flashlights, a Swiss-army knife (or an equivalent tool), a few water bottles, and quick-energy foods like protein bars.

Paper map 

Even though we depend on our phones and GPS for navigation thanks to modern conveniences, satellites occasionally can’t reach us. Maps should always be present in your vehicle, especially when traveling through uncharted territory. If all else fails, make sure you know how to interpret an old-fashioned paper map.

Ice scraper 

An ice scraper is another item you should keep in your car, especially in the winter. Without an ice scraper, you might be breathing heavily on your frozen windshield for a while. They typically take up little to no space and are compact and small.

Reflective triangle and high-vis jacket

In the unfortunate event that your car breaks down, a reflective triangle and high-visibility clothing are two essential items. To help warn other drivers that you are stationary on the road place a warning triangle at least 45 meters behind your broken-down vehicle unless you are on a motorway, and on the same side of the road.

It’s typically advised that you wait outside your car for a breakdown service, wearing florescent clothing to keep yourself visible to other drivers.

Final thoughts 

Having some necessary items in your car will help you stay safe while on the road. Not only that, an insurance card will help you get the best services in case your car breaks down. So, make sure you have all the necessary items mentioned in this post if you want to stay safe while driving your car.  

Author: Brandon Park