Top Car Mods to Do Yourself

Modifying your automobile can not only make it perform better, but it can easily make the vehicle undeniably yours. From modifications that work to improve usability of your automobile to one that can change the physical appearance, you can really breathe new life into your dream car. Here are some car mods that you can do yourself. 

1. Cover Your Headlights

To change the way your headlights look or to protect them from damage, invest in some headlight covers that will perfectly reflect your style. These are simple to install yourself and they come in just about any shape, size or color that you might want. Headlight covers are a fantastic way to guard against damage to them and also to change the way your car looks. People also update the bulbs in their headlights to change the glow and give an updated look to the whole package. These are very easy modifications for you to do and the supplies can be purchased at any auto goods store.

2. Add an Interior LED Lighting System

A lot of car owners dismiss LED lights as being a childish fad, but if used sparingly, they can add a tasteful burst of color where it is least expected. This looks like a high tech mod but the fact is that these LED lighting kits can fit on just about any car and are easy for beginners to put in. Give your vehicle a funky new look by adding a color in an accent shade for the best results.

3. Update Your Windshield Wipers

When your community gets hit with some particularly terrible weather, you know how important it is to have windshield wipers that work correctly. However, did you know that these can be fashionable as well as functional? Wipers, and the brackets that hold the blades to your car come in any color you can imagine. This is an easy, inexpensive modification that can impact the style of your car in the best way.

4. Add a Custom Cell Phone Holder

Whether your cell phone is connected to the car’s audio system or you just want it for the GPS, having a custom holder mounted to your dashboard is a superb solution to always having your phone rattle around in the car, sometimes out of reach. Many states have legal restrictions in place on the operation of a moving vehicle and a phone at the same time, so a conveniently placed holder will also allow for hands free calling and such. This is one modification that you can make to your car that will look great and keep you safe simultaneously.

5. Wrap Your Car

If you want to give your car a brand new overhaul, but the cost of a new paint job scares you off, think about wrapping it. With a custom car wrap, you can give your vehicle any look you want, from simple all over colors to patterns or prints. These vinyl sheets will fit any car, shrinking to fit in all the nooks and crannies. Often they are applied by professionals, but with care and attention to detail, this is a mod you can easily do yourself. Give your car a new look without breaking the bank and by doing it yourself!

6. Change Your wheels to Ride in Style

Everyone can agree that the tires on a car are some of the most important factors in how well it can perform. They can get a little expensive, depending on the look, safety features and durability that you want, but this is an accessory that is well worth it. If you find a model that you like you can often find them cheaper if they are used. As your tires can seriously affect how safe your car is to drive or ride in, this is an investment that you will want to make.

Author: Full Editorial