Selecting Speakers: Which Is the Best Car Audio System Brand?

What’s better than going for a relaxing drive while listening to your favorite jams? How about listening to your favorite music in the best car audio system brand?

You might be thinking “I already have speakers in my car, they’re okay.” But is “okay” good enough?

For many of us, our vehicle doubles as a personal concert hall. While we commute to work or take a road trip across the country, our music, podcasts, or audiobooks are our escape to pass the time. Poor quality or aging speakers can make this escape unenjoyable.

If you want a high-quality sound to come from your car’s speakers, you need to invest in one of the best audio systems available. Do you want to improve your car’s speakers? Then you must check out these best car audio system brands taking the market by storm!

What to Look for in the Best Car Audio System Brands

There are 2 main types of car audio systems, full-range (coaxial) speakers, and component speakers.

Coaxial speakers come with all of the components you need to upgrade your car’s sound system. They’re a great option for those looking for an easy upgrade but still offer some customization. For example, some come with detachable tweeters.

Component speakers are individual speakers. Each type of speaker focuses on a particular range of sounds and tones. Serious music enthusiasts prefer components speakers as they can mix and match speakers to find the right sound.

Speaker Components

The 3 main parts of a speaker system include the woofer, subwoofer, and tweeter.

The subwoofer handles the lowest frequencies in an audio system. Subwoofers are the largest speakers and usually don’t come standard in most automobiles. If you listen to EDM, hip-hop, or simply love bass, you’ll want to include a subwoofer in your car’s audio system.

The woofer focuses on mid-range frequencies and comes in a variety of sizes. Larger woofers will produce better low-frequency tones while smaller ones focus on higher frequency sounds. Most vehicles come standard with several woofers to cover a range of frequencies.

The final piece of an audio system is the tweeter. These are the smallest speakers producing the highest frequencies. You’ll often find tweeters centered in the woofer speakers.

Audio System Components

Besides quality speakers, you’ll want to look for a quality amplifier and crossover in your sound system.

The amplifier works with any speaker to amplify the sound. Almost every car comes standard with a small amplifier. If you want to give your sound system a boost, you’ll want to check out an amplifier that doesn’t bottleneck your system.

The crossover is an electric component that directs the sound to different parts of the sound system based on the frequency. Crossovers also come standard in most vehicles.

As you shop for the best car audio system, make sure to carefully check out these components to ensure you’re getting the best system for your car. Here are a few great brands to start your search.

5. JBL GT Series System

The JBL GT series is a 2-way component system. It comes with a separate woofer and tweeter to give you the flexibility to place your speakers where they’ll sound best.

The woofer has a 6.5-inch carbon-injected cone which allows for greater air movement. This air movement helps produce a richer bass compared to other brands.

The tweeter offers superior consistent sound. It features over-sized voice coils that quickly dissipate heat to keep the sound clear and even.

A major perk to this component system is it offers fantastic sound quality at a reasonable price. You’ll have greater capabilities with your bass and flexibility with tweeter placement.

4. Alpine Audio System

Alpine cares about its listeners and crafts new speakers based on their customers’ feedback and demands. This brand offers 3 new stereo systems for cars such as Type-E, Type-R, and Type-S speakers. All 3 series produces a clean crisp sound with the E-series being the most affordable.

Alpine offers several excellent-sounding mid-range speakers to fit any listener’s preferences. This brand also offers Bluetooth accessories for you to add to your new car stereo.

Alpine is one of the best car audio system brands for supporting the earth as all their products are environmentally-friendly.

3. Polk Audio Speakers

Since 1972, Polk Audio has been one of the best car audio system brands. They manufacture industry-leading speakers as well as FM tuners, amplifiers, and crossovers. They offer 3 main automobile speaker series including the MM1, Signature Reference, and DB+ series.

The Signature Reference Series is their top-rated line of speakers. They feature aerated polypropylene cones and polyamide voice coils to produce a clear rich sound. All their products consist of the latest speaker technology and premium materials built to last.

Polk has received consistently positive feedback and reviews for its automobile speakers and sound systems.

2. Kicker 41DSC654 Coaxial Speakers

This Kicker coaxial set features 4 coaxial speakers, 2 tweeters and 2 woofers. Together, they can produce an impressive 480 watts or 120 watts peak RMS.

The woofers come with polypropylene cones set in acoustic foam to ensure optimal sound and performance. They can withstand greater power from additional amplifiers. The 13mm tweeters are easy to install as they drop in and can fit almost any car door.

The perks of this sound system are it offers a rich sound quality with impressive depth. They have a high sensitivity

1. Fosgate Audio System

The legendary Fosgate speakers are the best car audio system brand on the market today. Fosgate speakers feature top engineering and technology to produce the absolute best sound quality.

Fosgate’s R165X3 3-way car stereo system, for example, is highly responsive and sensitive. The 3-way arrangement creates separation between frequency ranges to offer a natural sound. Each speaker can produce up to 90 watts of power making Fosgate an excellent brand for upgrading your sound system.

Only Invest In the Best Car Audio System Brand

With so many companies claiming to be the best car audio system brand, finding the very best new car stereo can be a tiresome search. With these top-rated car stereo brands, you can start your search with ease and buy the perfect speaker system with confidence.

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Author: Brandon Park