Top Tips for Selling a 4×4 Vehicle

Are you trying to sell your Jeep or Range Rover? Are you not sure how to get the best price for the vehicle? Putting your vehicle in the classifieds or listing it online can be a nightmare, it sometimes takes forever to get a response from a genuine buyer. Another option is to get in touch with a garage and see what they can offer.

If you plan on selling your All-Wheel Drive or AWD, consider these useful tips.

Advertising the Vehicle

There are many ways to sell your AWD, you can use specialist garages such as Nene Overland or you can put it online and see who contacts you. When it comes to selling a 4×4, these two options are the best. Here are some of the benefits of using a specialist garage or an online motor vehicle site.

  • Garage – If you decide to take this route you will be offered a good price for the AWD, especially if you decide to go for a trade in. It is a quick and convenient way to sell your vehicle, even if it is no longer fit for the road. Your vehicle will be taken off your hands and you will have cash in your pocket that same day.
  • Online Automotive Site – Advertising your vehicle online is quick and easy. You don’t have to pay much to have your 4×4 posted on a website, once you pay the advertising fee, all you have to do is post some good images of the vehicle. But beware, never give your mobile number as you could become the victim of prank calls.

It is easy to advertise your vehicle online, put you must be wary of the information you provide. If you’d prefer to avoid all the hassle, get in touch with a specialist garage that deals with 4x4s.

Give it a Clean

If you want to easily sell your vehicle or get a good price when you trade it in, give it a comprehensive clean. Take some time to clean the interior and exterior, keeping it in tip top shape throughout the time you are trying to sell it. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, bring it to a garage or service centre.

Realistic Price

When selling your vehicle, don’t put a high price on it just because of sentimental reasons. If you aren’t sure about the price, have a look online and see what a similar make and model retails for. If you overvalue your vehicle, it will put buyers off. If you have had work done to the car and you’re pricing it above average, make sure you explain why.

If you plan on selling the vehicle yourself without going through a garage, you should expect to haggle with buyers. No matter who you are selling the 4×4 to, you should always work out the lowest price you will accept. Remember to never hand over the keys to your car until it has been paid in full.

Author: Manager