Vehicle Storage: How to Prepare Your Ride for Long-Term Storage


Did you know that the average cost to store a car in a vehicle storage is between $100 to $450 per month? If you don’t drive your car often or you have a convertible that you want to store for winter, you need to know how to prepare it for storage.

We have put together this guide on what you have to do before you drop it off at a vehicle storage to ensure that your car is running when you pick it up.

Add Gas and Stabilizer

If you are planning on leaving your car in a reputable place like Safe Harbour Storage for two months or longer, you will want to make sure you fill-up the tank with gas first. This will prevent the tank from rusting inside. Take the time to also add a stabilizer because this will preserve the gasoline and it will also prevent your fuel system from getting damaged.

Do Not Use the Parking Brake

When you leave your car in storage, you do not want to leave the parking brake on. If you do, the contact with the rotors for a long time might cause them to fuse. Instead of parking brakes use a chock or a tire stopper to prevent the car from moving.

Change the Oil

If you are storing your car for a long time you will want to change the oil first. Dirty oil can become thick from just sitting there and this will make it difficult to start your car when you go pick it up.

Disconnect the Battery

Because car batteries can sometimes leak acid they can corrode the inside of your car if it is sitting unused. The easiest way to avoid headaches is to disconnect the battery. Trust us, this will save you plenty of trouble in the future and it will also give you peace of mind that your car will turn on when you go back.

Jacks Under the Tires

Adding jacks under the tires will help keep your tires from getting any flat spots. Putting jacks under the tires will also help keep all your car’s weight off of the tires without rotating or moving. When you show up to pick up your car you won’t have to worry about needing brand new tires.

Ready to Take Your Car to a Vehicle Storage?

Now that you have our top tips to follow before you drop your car off at a vehicle storage you can get to work. Now is the time to prep your car and have it storage ready. If you follow all of our tips above you can ensure that your car will be in good condition when you are ready to pick it up and drive it again.

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Author: Brandon Park