What Are The 5 Best Home Security Systems For Every Budget?

Your home is one place where you should feel safe at all times. Even if you live in a relatively secure neighbourhood, a home security system will give you additional peace of mind. Smart home security systems not only ease your fear but also deter intruders from breaking into your home. Here are the top five home security systems for every budget.

  Abode Smart Security Kit

If you are looking for a versatile home security system, consider Abode Smart Security Kit. The kit features a motion sensor, a base station, a key fob, a window sensor, and a mini door. Abode Smart Security system is convenient in the sense that you can expand it to purchase any Abode home security accessories.

These include cameras, entry sensors, and environmental sensors. Abode is also affordable because it offers remote self-monitoring for free. Therefore, you will only make a one-off payment for equipment. Likewise, you can remotely monitor the security situation at your home using a web app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The most exciting feature about Abode security system is that it can support your smart home devices including smart lights and smart locks. You can connect it to up to 150 devices. On the downside, however, the Abode Home security system has bulky sensors. Its base station’s battery backup lasts for a maximum of 12 hours only.

      Digoo Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm

Another incredible home security system for budget buyers, Digoo Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm offers you effective security at an affordable price. The system supports up to 99 devices and is compatible with GSM, Wi-Fi, 2G, 4G, and GPRS networks.

The security system offers a 2.4-inch digital display that has a touch panel design. A wireless remote permits alarm activation and deactivation for all your sensors. You will also get real-time notifications on your smartphones every time there is an incident.

Digoo comes with an automatic timer that allows you to activate your alarm remotely. The system also has smoke, gas, and carbon monoxide detection capability. Therefore, it does more than just deterring intruders.

Doberman Security 8 Alarm Home and Office Security Kit

If you have a small home and you want to install a security system, look no further than Doberman Security 8 Alarm Home and Office Security. The system’s most incredible feature is its quick peel-and-stick installation. This makes it suitable for those who don’t want to spend an extra coin hiring an installer.

Doberman 8 Security system doesn’t come with the central panel since its arms are always in position. Likewise, its 100dB can easily activate during an intrusion. As soon as an intrusion is detected, one of the two-alarm chimes in the system will activate. Doberman Security 8 Alarm Home Security Kit is available on Amazon for only $66. Therefore, it is recommended to budget-conscious homeowners.

   Vivint Smart Home Security System

It is easy to understand why many consider Vivint as the best security system to install at residential premises. This system is highly automated. With it in place, you can remotely check whether your doors are locked, tweak the temperature in your home even when you are out of town, and also turn on the lights remotely.

Vivint also offers quality sensors and other equipment as well as reliable monitoring. Recently, flexible payment options got introduced. This way, you can secure your home even without a contract with the company. Similarly, Vivint provides low-tier plans that are affordable.

The least expensive plans offered by Vivint give customers unlimited access to the home security systems that they have installed at their homes. Typically, other systems reserve this privilege for clients who subscribe to higher-tier packages. The contract-free option that is available to Vivint clients enables them to pay for either 60-month or 42-month contracts.


Arguably, SimpliSafe is the most effective DIY home security system. The company offers clients flexible payment options without long-term contracts. SimpliSafe home security packages include standard security equipment. Depending on your budget, you can upscale your system through the addition of auxiliary features such smoke detection sensors, flood detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors.

SimpliSafe comes with a smartphone app, with which you can monitor the state of your system as well as watch live footage from cameras installed at your home. With $14.99/month, you get professional 24/7 monitoring services from the company.


Often, people think that installing a home security system is an expensive undertaking. Nonetheless, this is a misconception given the fact that the prices of home security systems are set to suit any budget. You can still secure your home with inexpensive, DIY security systems.

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