What are the Best First Cars for New Drivers?

There’s no doubt that owning and operating a car is becoming increasingly expensive in the modern age, with the average UK motorist spending approximately £162 per month on running their vehicle.

Make no mistake; the cost of insuring, fueling and maintaining a car can be prohibitive for new drivers, who are generally required to seek out relatively cheap and economic vehicles when they first take to the road. 

This can subsequently allow motorists to invest in comprehensive third-party warranties and comprehensive insurance policies, enabling them to drive down the long-term costs of maintaining their vehicle too.

But what exactly are the best first cars for new drivers? Here’s our shortlist of the top three!

  • The Volkswagen Polo

We’ll start with the VW Polo, which is arguably the ideal first car for a newly qualified driver.

Fitted with a 1.0-litre, 65hp engine, it’s economical to run and fits neatly within ‘insurance group 1’ (which just happens to be the cheapest category in the marketplace).

This vehicle also combines an understated exterior design with a stylish and well-built interior, while the integration of accessible and easy-to-use tech is ideal for younger drivers who have recently passed their test.

For those of you who favour function over form, the VW Polo also boasts a deceptively large boot, which more than matches the capacious rear of the Ford Fiesta!

  • The Volkswagen Up

Next up is another VW model, and one that has reinvented the entry level of the marketplace and emerged as the cheapest vehicle in the brand’s range.

Cheap to buy and run, this car also boasts the sophisticated styling and build quality that you’d expect from a premium VW model, with the use of high-end materials enhancing the overall driving experience.

Somewhat surprisingly, all iterations of this design (aside form the range-topping Up Beats) fall into the affordable insurance group 1, affording motorists the best of both worlds in terms of the look and cost of their car.

Let’s face facts; who wouldn’t want a first car that boasted a premium finish at an incredibly low price?

  • The Ford Fiesta

We finish with the iconic Ford Fiesta, which has been renowned as one of the best first cars for drivers for years. According to the auto insurance and warranty provider ALA, this is also the UK’s best-selling car of all-time, with more than 4.5 million models on these shores!

At the heart of this is the car’s economical and beautifully balanced 1.2-litre petrol engine, which packs a 75hp punch and manages to provide both power and performance in equal measure.

It’s this purposeful engine, along with the basic Style trim, that also manages to keep the purchase and insurance costs down, making it ideal for newbies who have only recently passed their driving tests.

Interestingly, this vehicle also comes with air-conditioning, so you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxed ride whatever the time of year!

Author: Brandon Park