What is Truck Sharing and Why Should You Care About It?

Startup companies have not only turned industries upside down, but they have created an on demand revolution. From hotel rentals to food delivery to laundry, startups around the world are using the gig economy to provide services at a faster and lower cost.


Vehicle sharing is a huge component for many gig economy companies and, as I’m sure you know, trucks are not the most MPG friendly vehicles out there. This has kept truck owners from diving into the gig economy the same way other vehicle owners have. Luckily, companies such as GoShare have arrived with a truck sharing business model that helps truck owners, individuals, and businesses.


Truck sharing allows trucks owners to help people move and deliver large items, perfect for those times you just need a friend with a truck. Instead of renting a truck and doing all the heavy lifting yourself, you can connect with truck owners who will help you load, deliver, and unload your items on demand. Truck owners get paid for transporting the cargo and their labor while customers get a helping hand and a truck on demand, so it’s a win-win for both parties.


The scope of truck sharing is more than just helping out individuals who are trying to snag a great couch they found on Craigslist. Truck sharing is perfect for businesses who use traditional delivery companies. Instead of paying hefty flat rates that take 5-7 business days to deliver items for their customers, businesses are turning to truck sharing companies to increase sales and lower delivery costs.


The rise of the gig economy allows companies to tap into an overlooked resource, namely truck owners, and pay them fairly. For instance, GoShare delivery professionals can make over $70 an hour, plus tips. And as we all know by now, paying independent contractors a fair wage goes a long way for any gig economy company. The need for a better moving and delivery experience from both businesses and individuals allows truck owners to finally turn their vehicle into a money making machine.


In these fast times we live it seems like a new company pops up everyday with some world changing idea. Even though truck sharing is still a new concept, relative to car sharing (which in turn is still a new concept in and of itself), it’s definitely something that should be on your radar.

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What is Truck Sharing and Why Should You Care About It?