What Makes A Good Off-Road Truck?

If you love a good adventure, then you know having the right off-roading vehicle is one of the best ways to ensure you have a fun and safe trip. There are certain features that make a good off-road truck and will make it more likely your plans go off without a hitch.

The best off-road trucks have tyres with good traction. Natural routes simply cannot compare to the paved roads a regular vehicle can manage. All-terrain or mud-terrain tyres are designed to grip surfaces where there is mainly sand, grass, mud or rock and the best ones are also able to do so while braking and cornering. This is one of the basic features of a good off-road truck.

The approach, breakover and departure angles of the vehicle you choose are also important. These angles have to do with how well your vehicle can clear obstacles and debris underneath it in rough terrain and remains unscathed. They allow your vehicle to not just clear an obstacle, but to go up over and down obstacles that may be particularly stubborn. It is a bit more relevant than ground clearance, which is basically just how high your vehicle is. Good clearance is useful to have, but the other features are very important as well. The Jeep Wrangler has a good combination of these features. It has up to 10.9 inches of ground clearance, and good approach, breakover and departure angles. The Wrangler can climb over obstacles without acquiring damage. 

Skid plates are also useful to protect the underside of your vehicle from harsh environments and abrasion. Vulnerable components like your differentials, radiator, transmission and your oil pan need to be protected. A good skid plate starts at the front of your vehicle and covers all the vulnerable parts right to the back. The Toyota 4Runner comes with an aluminum skid plate, which greatly enhances its other reliability features.

Your wheel articulation should also get maximum consideration. The articulation is what ensures your vehicle is stable and maintains traction because it is responsible for keeping all tyres in contact with the ground when you tackle rough terrain. The special edition Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon has an electronic sway bar disconnect switch, which greatly enhances its articulation abilities compared to other vehicles. 

You also need to consider your vehicle’s visibility. Being able to navigate your path well becomes even more important when you are off-roading.  You may want to look for a vehicle with large windscreens, high seats, and any feature that helps you to better navigate your blind spots. Vehicles with 360-degree camera systems can also work. The GMC Sierra 1500 AT4  has five different cameras and offers views from up to 13 different angles. The rearview mirror even doubles as a reversing camera. 

One of the less concerning features to look out for is to make sure you have enough space to carry all you need for your off-road adventure. After all, you will need space to stash your stack of goodies and treats for when you finally get to your destination and burn the wood you gathered for a scenic bonfire. Knowing your vehicle has all the reliable features you need will help you to better relax and simply enjoy your trip.

Author: Full Editorial