Should You Rekey or Replace your Car Locks?

Have you ever heard the idea of replacing your car locks, you are not alone? Many people don’t think of re-keying their car locks. You may think you are the only one using those keys for a longer period. If you ever thought that they have compromised your key, it is a good start. Think of replacing your car locks immediately. Instead of repairing your car lock, experts will advise you to replace them because it is more cost-effective and it will save you a lot. It is also important to have a small knowledge of how you can troubleshoot your car lock if you experience the same problem while alone.

Discussed below are the main reasons why to replace your car locks

Misappropriated Keys

If you lost your keys or someone has stolen them or they were misplaced by your kids, replace your automotive keys as soon as possible. Your keys might land on the hand of a person with ill intentions. If your keys were stolen and you later found them, don’t trust those who found them they may have made several copies for themselves and they will pretend to be good people. Replace your keys for the security of your car, they might have intentions of stealing your car. Replacing your key will cost you less compared to buying another car.

Vast keys

In computerizing today’s generation car keys, keys are chip integrated. If you misplace your car keys, there is no other option apart from replacing your whole lock system, there are no other ways of accessing your car. Car locksmith Ottawa has specialized technicians who will install the new locking system and integrated it. If your keys are missing you cannot be able to drive or enter your car. This is time-consuming and the only solution is replacing the whole lock system.

Malfunctioning Keys

Wear and tear are normal, an automotive will give you service until you desire to buy another car. Therefore, if you decide to stay with your car until old age, there is a certain age that you will reach, and the car requires you to replace the locking system because of technology or because of the normal wear and tear. They might have lusted and they may not be functioning well. Faulty and lusted locks make it hard for you to open or close your Automotive. This is a big risk to the people and children you are carrying traveling together.


Have you been involved in a break-in in your car, if yes, don’t go long before replacing your automotive keys? You may be at a higher risk of another theft if you are not cautious enough. During break-ins, the force that was used by thieves might have compromised the whole lock system. The thieves might have an extra key in their pocket, preparing for another visit preparing for a bigger loss.

Broken Key

Most of the car uses the same key to open the driver’s door, boot, and the same key will be used for ignition. This may weaken the key and later it will be broken, when opening your car boot don’t use your key in lifting the whole boot up. If your key is damaged you can replace it, and do fresh programming for the new key to function well in your car

Damaged Car locks

Maybe you have been involved in an accident and this might have tampered with your car lock until they were damaged, or thieves damaged one of your car locks, this kind of damage can cause the whole lock system to stop working. it’s a call for a replacement before it is too late.

If it damages your ignition lock, you can’t rotate the key inside the ignition lock. This is because the key has lost its shape or the key teeth are worn out. It will require you to do a replacement because they cannot repair the ignition lock.

If you think of replacing or repairing your car lock. Car locksmith Ottawa has been leading over the years. They are professional in repairing and replacing worn-out locks.

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Should You Rekey or Replace your Car Locks?