What Should You Do With a Totaled Car?

Your car is totaled, and you’re stuck with it. That sucks, but don’t worry: there are different ways you can deal with it.

Having a recently totaled car can feel stressful when trying to figure out what to do with it. Below you will find some auto advice on the different options you have for getting rid of your totaled car.

Insurance Would Cover It

One option is to try and see if your insurance would cover the cost of your totaled car.

This can depend on your insurance policy. In some cases, they may be able to replace your car with a new, similar one.

In other cases, you can receive cash for your totaled car. Having a car loan complicates this one, but it is not impossible. Your insurance may then split the payment between you and whoever your loan lender is.

Keep the Car

Is your car still running even though it is totaled? You could possibly keep the car then.

If you do not have insurance for collisions or can’t pay for repairs, this option is solid so long as your car keeps running. Be sure to follow the best auto advice to know whether you should keep it or not.

You could also keep it to salvage car parts from it too.

Repair the Car

If your car is totaled but repairs are on the horizon, take it to a repair shop! For uninsured accidents, taking it to a repair shop is usually better for your wallet too.

Can you drive the car to the repair shop despite its totaled state? You will save some money on towing or transportation then too.

If you are car-savvy yourself, you can try to repair it yourself too.

Donate the Car to a Nonprofit

Many charities will accept donations of cars, even totaled cars. They will then sell it later to get a cash donation.

Make sure to get a receipt of your tax-deductible donation so that you can file it on your own taxes too.

A Junkyard Will Take It

If your car is so totaled and not usable, another option for what to do with your totaled car is to take it to a junkyard. Junkyards are there to take junk cars off of your hands.

Sometimes it can be a hassle selling your car’s parts individually. A junkyard can take the whole car from you. They will pay for cash for it. Sometimes, they can help transport it away from you too.

Auto Advice for Totaled Cars

A totaled car is not fun. However, the auto advice above should make dealing with your totaled car smoother than it would have been. Now you have all of the options to choose from.

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Author: Doug