What Struggles do Wheelchair Users Face?

If you know someone in a wheelchair, you know how difficult everyday life can be. What is easy for able bodied people, can often be a tremendous task for someone in a wheelchair.

This is something that the Extreme Motus Emma X3 wheelchair is aiming to train. The main business aim of the company is to ensure that ‘everyone can enjoy their favourite activity, regardless of their abilities’. Their aim is to make nature wheelchair accessible.

With this in mind, what are some of the struggles that wheelchair users face? And how is the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair trying to change this?


For able-bodied people, stairs are an easy thing to walk up, and we never have a second thought when climbing stairs. The only time they pose an issue is when there are a lot of them, and even then it is just a question of fitness.

For wheelchair users, stairs are impossible to get up alone, and are still a huge challenge with other people trying to help carry them up.

The Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair makes climbing up stairs easier. Because of the wheelchairs long, low and slim design, with the help of a buddy or caretaker this all-terrain wheelchair can climb up three stairs at a time. Moreover, its light, 49 pound frame makes it easier to carry.

Going to the Beach

When you think of the beach, you think of relaxing and spending enjoyable time with the family. Not for a wheelchair user. Getting stuck in the sand and not being able to go in the water makes a trip to the beach very difficult for a wheelchair user. Time at the beach can become such an issue that many wheelchair users may decide not to go to the beach at all.

The Extreme Motus all-terrain wheelchair is different. The low pressure wheels glide easily over sand, meaning that there is nothing holding you back at the beach. Furthermore, the Emma X3 is buoyant, meaning that you and your loved one can enjoy swimming in the sea as well as relaxing on the sand.

Rough terrain

For wheelchair users, anywhere with rough terrain can be impossible to traverse on small wheelchairs made for indoors.

With the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair, you can traverse over any surface, from rocks, to gravel, to dirt and even mud.


There are so many struggles and barriers that wheelchair users face on a daily basis. With an Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair, everyday activities and more extreme activities can be made accessible for everyone.

Author: Doug