What To Consider When Choosing Junk Yards In Ft Lauderdale

Are you thinking of disposing of your old and faulty junk car? Thinking of buying a new vehicle but need help with what to do with your old, rusty, non-running one? Then, here’s a quick help if you live in Fort Lauderdale. Many reliable and well-rated salvage yards in Ft Lauderdale trade old clunkers such as cars, trucks, SUVs, and so on at the best rates. 

Ft Lauderdale, a city on the Southern coast of Florida, is well-known for its captivating boating canals and stunning beaches. People here hold an integrated approach toward solid waste management. On average, junk yards in Ft Lauderdale earn $4,178,362 annually and recycle almost 15,000 tons yearly. For this reason, the city’s scrap metal or vehicle trading business is booming. 

Advantages Of Selling Your Old Cars To Salvage Yards In FT Lauderdale

Free Pickups

The best part about FT Lauderdale scrap yards is that they offer free pickups without letting you leave your home’s comforting premises. No matter the area, these yard owners send their professionals to collect old vehicles from your home. They offer the quickest and easiest solutions to removing junk cars.

Zero haggle, hassle-free process.

Dumping your old car, SUV, or any other vehicle is simple and quick with Ft Lauderdale junkyards. Your old vehicle can be disposed of quickly without much haggling or discussion.

Offer fair market prices.

The Junk yards in Ft Lauderdale offer fair market prices for your vehicle when disposing of scrap metals to salvage yards. Find them below-

  • Steel scrap – the average price is $470
  • Aluminum scrap – the average price is $).74
  • Copper scrap – the average value is $1.96
  • Lead waste – the average value is $0.53
  • Bronze/Brass scrap – the average value is $1.90

What Type Of Vehicle Can You Sell To Fort Lauderdale Junkyards? 

When talking about what type of vehicle Ft Lauderdale scrap yards or junk yards accepts, they buy vehicles in any condition. Whether it is rusting, damaged due to an accident, or in a non-running condition for ages, these salvage yards buy and drive away all of them. These dealers accept the following – 

  • Crashed auto 
  • Broken cars
  • A vehicle that does not start
  • Unwanted vehicles
  • Blown engine cars
  • Cars with damaged and falling parts
  • Rebuilt cars

What Things To Do Before Disposing of Your Car?

  • Don’t forget to collect your personal belongings beforehand
  • Remove valuable or still working parts from your vehicle
  • Cancel your auto insurance before you dump your car
  • Always ensure that the weight scale of your vehicle is certified
  • Look for the best deals by consulting several dealers
  • Remove license plate 
  • Ensure that the dealer you choose is licensed and certified. 


Whether you donate your car to charity or junk your vehicle for cash, be sure to deal with legitimate dealers. There are many scrap vehicle dealers in Fort Lauderdale, so you need to be specific about everything beforehand. From the type of vehicle to dispose of & sell to factors to consider choosing the right dealer and their advantages, you need to check up on everything. Dumping or selling your valuable asset, such as a car, will surely benefit you with some profit at the end of the road.

Author: Brandon Park