What to Do When Your Garage Becomes Flooded Due to Plumbing Issues

With weather becoming more and more unsettled as of late, people are now dealing with water and wind damage on a more regular basis it seems. But what happens if the damage your house sustains isn’t due to weather, instead it’s due to plumbing issues? What happens when your garage suddenly begins taking on water, jeopardizing your car that is parked inside the garage and all the items you have stored in it?

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Here are the steps you can take when your garage becomes flooded due to interior plumbing issues in your home.

Remove Contents or Place Them Higher

Your first instinct is going to be to remove any important contents from the garage or at least place them higher out of the way of the water. While you most likely have home insurance that will cover the costs of damaged goods, not everything is replaceable.

If your car hasn’t been too badly water-logged you’ll want to get it out of the garage immediately so it doesn’t risk water damage. Even if the water doesn’t build to a high level, it’s still best to get your vehicle out of the way.

Take a Walk Around the Exterior

Next you will want to try to find the source of the flooding. Some garages have leaks in the wall, roofline, or even where the foundation meets the ground. If that’s the case, you’re going to experience water issues each time it rains.

Another problem can be with the slope of the driveway. A driveway should gradually slope away from the garage so as to force the water away from it. If for some reason the driveway isn’t sloped correctly, again you’ll end up with flooding and drainage issues.

Perhaps the water issues aren’t originating from the exterior, rather they are coming from the interior. A plumbing issue in the home can certainly end up affecting the garage where there is a shared interior wall. There could be a leak in the pipes in the wall, at a tap, and other issues. You’ll want to check the interior of your home well to see if there is any sign of water damage there.

Call in a Professional Plumber

Now, unless you are a professional plumber, there’s a good chance you’re not going to know how to fix the problem if it is plumbing related. A trained professional will be able to come out, assess the problem, and find a solution. It could be something simple like leaky fixtures, or could be more involved such as backed up pipes. Many of these plumbers are also available 24 hours a day for emergency services because let’s face it these problems tend to happen at the most inconvenient time.

Make Sure it is Properly Dried Out

Once the water issues have been solved, you want to be sure you properly dry out the garage before returning the items to it. If you have a concrete floor, flooding can cause it to become sponge-like, so it’s not safe to be parking your car in there right away. If a mop and towels don’t work, opt for sump pumps and wet vacs. It’s also wise to keep doors and windows open to encourage airflow.

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What to Do When Your Garage Becomes Flooded Due to Plumbing Issues