What You Can Learn About Entrepreneurship From the Story of Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection: Four Main Takeaways

Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection receives immense recognition for operating a business that satisfies the global market. Serving the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world, Veritas Global Protection offers premier finance and auto insurance service contracts that have stood the test of time. 

Despite Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection starting from humble beginnings in May 2011 and currently being a role model for many premier F&I providers, business excellence hasn’t been achieved without effort. Thanks to the business model of operation and management prowess, his ventures remain active and preferred in the marketplace. Elijah Norton gives budding businesses these critical pieces of advice if they want to succeed in their business venture:

Technology positively affecting businesses

We’re in an era where every business sector is highly dependent on technology. Elijah Norton talks about embracing technology to ensure your venture doesn’t lag. With things changing pretty fast, the best way to remain relevant and win more clients is to focus on their needs and having technology onboard to facilitate service delivery. It also saves time and money. 

On technology, Elijah Norton emphasizes being innovative. That makes every business to stand out, as evidenced by the operations of Veritas Global Protection. Think of creative ideas, tools, and approaches that make the company relevant today. Innovation is something that many ventures seem to ignore. Unfortunately, failure to innovate might lead to the downfall of your business.

Entrepreneurship is a test of time

Elijah Norton founded Veritas Global Protection, and the venture took three years before building adequate business muscles. In 2011, the business only had two employees. As the years progressed, the venture had more workers, with revenues rising to $10m annually (2014). The venture continued to grow exponentially, and by 2019, Veritas Global had gained access to most global markets across the world. That enabled it to partner with many businesses.

The reason for the growth is simple: giving a business a chance to grow as time progresses. Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection explains, “Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination. As an entrepreneur, you only need to play your part and become patient with business. Give it time!” He doesn’t encourage giving up so easily. New entrepreneurs tend to lose hope without thinking of the incoming benefits on the way. 

Business issues and challenges require immediate action

Challenges are part of life, and the same is true for a business. However, how you handle them determines whether you’ll overcome the current situation or not. In his words during the Roundtable Interview Series facilitated by Dotcom magazine, Elijah Norton says, “I take the setback and always try to figure out a way to overcome it.” New proprietors can learn that you start by recognizing the setback and coming out strongly to restore the lost glory.

It sounds easy, but it needs a strategy. That’s why mindset also plays a role. The Veritas Global president recommends having a motivating habit of keeping you on the move once you start the day. With that, every setback and rejection that comes by finds you ready, and you’ll be happy to run a progressing venture.

Your workers influence your success

Based on the business you run and its current situation, you’ll have to consider employees at some point. Veritas Global Protection, like many businesses, started with few employees and expanded with time. Elijah Norton’s advice here is straightforward. He mentions that you need to hire competent staff who focuses on your companies aspirations, all at the ideal time. You don’t need workers who don’t add value to your venture in the present.

Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection is an automotive finance and insurance provider that has mastered the art of business under Elijah Norton’s leadership. The exceptional results of Vertias stem from the commitment to innovation, excellent team, outstanding customer service, and responsiveness.

Author: Brandon Park