What You Need to do When Involved in a Car Accident

The definition of a stressful event is being involved in a car accident as they are never expected. A safe driver can be involved in an accident due to the recklessness or negligence of another driver. Accidents are rarely convenient especially when trying to make it to work or an important event on time. Understanding what you need to do after an accident can protect you in a legal sense. In this case, the best way to assess the situation is to find the right lawyer that specializes in car accidents.

The right course of action after an accident can also help keep you out of danger like pulling off to the side of the road. Never stand in between the cars as a person could swerve and hit the car due to rubbernecking then nearly hitting another car. Laminating a piece of paper with tips for what you should do and how to act after a car accident can help you even if your mind has gone blank. Below are tips that can protect you after a car accident.

Allow the Officer to Assess the Situation

Do not admit fault to an officer even if it is clear you have hit someone from behind while they were stopped. Otherwise there are plenty of things that can be the cause of the accident including blockage of the roadway. The officer sees hundreds of accidents per year or more so they understand causes as well as will talk to witnesses. Automatically admitting fault might lead an officer to do less of an investigation that might result in them putting the fault of the accident on the other party.

Wait Until Calm to Call Your Insurance Company

You are going to need to call your insurance company and provide them with details of the accident. All you have to do is read the accident report to them as other details are not relevant. If you were tired do not tell the insurance company and it doesn’t matter if you were stressed. The company might use the distractions or other reasons to not pay you on your claim. The officer’s accident report is all that needs to be discussed as well as repair details/estimates.

Find Top Local Legal Representation

The right car accident lawyer is going to be essential if you expect to receive fair compensation for injuries and missed wages due to the accident. There are going to be limitations to file certain cases so speaking to a legal professional promptly can help your case get underway. You want to ask about the fee structure of an attorney and past trial experience. You want an experienced lawyer to represent you that has been to trial so insurance companies offer better initial settlement offers.

Delete Your Social Media Accounts

If you are involved in any type of personal injury case you need to delete your social media accounts. Even a video where you are walking without pain or doing something active can be a piece of evidence the insurance company collects to prove you have a false case. Talking about the case is also frowned upon as you need to make sure your legal team has the upper hand so the insurance company offers the highest settlement amount possible.

Being involved in a car accident might be a tough time to keep your composure but it is essential. You need to talk with a legal professional when involved in a car accident as you could be entitled to compensation of some sort.

Author: Mike